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The Aeris Shrine

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Aeris, 22, was a flower merchant. She had a hard past, and was raised be her step-mother. Even as a child, she had special attributes. Her mother knew of this. Years ago, her step-mother waited at the train station in the slums for her husband, who was coming home on leave. She waited...and waited. She came back every day to the train station, but still her husband did not come home. The last day she came to the station, she saw a woman lying on the steps. She came closer, and a little girl was upset and talking to her mother. Ilfalna, the little girl's mother had died. So, ___ took the little girl in. Soon after Aeris was found, she came up to her new mother, telling her that someone very close to her had just died. 'His soul was coming to see you, but he returned to the Planet before he could come to you.' ___ could not believe this. But a few weeks later, she received a letter reading that her husband had died. She knew that Aeris did have special powers. One day, a while after Aeris' mother had returned to the Planet, a turks came to their house. He told her mother of the powers that Aeris' must posses, because her real mother, Ilfalna, was an Ancient. ___ was not surprised. The Turk wanted to take Aeris away. Her mother would not allow this, and for years Aeris ran from the Turks, but always safely returned home. The church in the slums was her only sancturary...Until one day. That day, a man fell from the sky. His name was Cloud. They had met before in the alley way. He was a mercenary. That was the begginning of her quest to save the Planet.

June 29
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