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"Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; neither have they storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them; how much better are you than the fowls?"
(Luke 12:24)

Dining out and dancing, fast sports, quiet evenings at home listening to music and watching tapes...I love to travel, cyberspace and, the arts... theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, criminology...there's such a lot of world to see!

A little about me: born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC...went to St. Paul's School in Cobble Hill, then on to Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School...became a jock real early, QB/MLB in football, C/D in hockey... led a punk band from '75-'82, then relocated to Texas in ' into minor-league pro wrestling from '86-'90...ran Broadway Turk's Rock and Roll Club from '90-'91, then became a paralegal and private investigator from '92-'94... entered the Kuk Sool Won in '95, moved on to Universal Hapkido in '04, hold brown belts in both disciplines...currently employed as a teacher for the Independence School District...have a BA in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio...and looking for MORE!

For you rock and wrestling fans, and my friends throughout cyberspace, here's some ancient history you might find entertaining...


In '75 I was a hardcore Cooper/Reed/Bowie fan sick of progressive rock and disco, looking for a way out of the cultural ennui...was referred to a guitarist by a friend of mine, guy was looking for a "rock madman" to front his band...I kinda took over, calling it the Spoiler, writing the lyrics, recruiting local talent...we came up about the time the punk scene was born, but wasted lots of time proselyzing South Brooklyn rather than competing at CBGB's/Max's like we should've...we became kind of a cult legend in Brooklyn but didn't get the exposure we needed until '80 when we made the transition into punk...
The Ducky Boys were born after the tenth straight collapse of the Spoiler bands...they were seasoned musicians by then and had enough attitude to destroy the Tristate area...with Broadway Turk Superstar at the helm, they slammed their way across the Brooklyn Bridge, getting banned at CBGB's and making numerous enemies in the process...they began hosting live outdoor punk concerts in Brooklyn as well as continuing their grassroots campaign in local bars and clubs, but failed to capitalize on their first EP, "Year Zero" the time "Mercenary" was released in '80, the band had suffered major personnel changes and eventually faded into history...


By '84 I left NYC, hoping to change my luck in the process...starting over again in SA, I went back to the basics and hit the gym they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and to my astonishment, I put on fifty pounds in a year of hardcore powerlifting...suddenly I was in position to turn fantasy into reality once more, making connections and entering the world of pro wrestling in '86...Broadway Turk Superstar made his debut with Valadez Promotions, then went on to the Texas Wrestling Association in '88...after three unsuccessful title bids against local cult hero Manny Villalobos, he returned to the Valadez group in '89 and reigned with journeyman Rudy Gonzalez as the uncrowned tag team champs...resting on his laurels, he opened Broadway Turk's Rock and Roll Club in '90, where the Rock & Wrestling Connection turned a whole new generation on to B.T.'s lifelong passions!


I enrolled in the Martial Arts Center in the Summer of '97, just looking to see what I had was a long and sometimes excruciating journey, but I'm what they call a Black/Brown Belt right now, kinda like a's a great martial art, and as a twenty-five-year enthusiast I can tell you this is the best all-around program matter what your specialty, Kuk Soll has someone for everyone...just watch out at the World Championship Tournaments held annually, you might find the Kuk Sool Monster in the opposite corner!


I'm also working on a pro wrestling website in which I hope to share more than thirty years of wrestling lore with other enthusiasts...check out The Pro Wrestling Webring...


One of my main passions in life is writing... unfortunately most of our greatest authors received their recognition posthumously...I'm hoping that fate will be a bit kinder in my case...for those of you interested in perusing a compilation of my life's literary work, check out my "Novelist" page below...


My Mom gave me my Irish blood and instilled a love of all things Irish in my heart since I was a of my greatest dreams is to visit the Old Country someday! In the meantime, I'm trying to put together something here that will be a 'home away from home'... click on 'the Connection' below and see if there's a bit of blarney you'd like to leave behind!


I've put together an interesting website for my academic page that has cool info on "The Influence of Literature in Rising Genres in Media"...

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