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"LATEST UPDATE 10May 2001 From Sis Cindy Simeon"

"Just Open Your Ears and You Shall Hear"!

"NEW PAGE...for..."Sis Cindy".

"Check Out The New Page"

" I am presently working on My New C.D called "Psalms'n Dub". It is a very interestingfarrangement of Various Biblical Psalms that can help make your Life and daily Situations gain Strength and Direction.

Remember The Hawaii Kick Off Party ?

Big Bear At KTUH U of Hawaii


"Finally, I am getting my C.D. prepared for you all to obtain. It will include Live Sessions with Various artist over Live sound Systems and Live Bands.I think this will be My C.D.Cover....

"Check it Out"

"Greetings in The Name of Rastafari". I greet you in The Name of the King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah."Selassie".I Sista Cindy Simeon Welcome you Beautiful Postitve People to My "Golden Gates" page.I would like to have all Positive Brothers and Sister start Uniting thru My Golden Gates. Sign My Guest Book So All Can Take a Look. We Will all Share Our Vibes With The World. I will be constantly updating this message....RASTAFARI..........

"My Good Friend Jr. Marvin from "Bob Marley and the Original Wailers in Flushing Meadow Park "Queens Day"

"Jr. Marvin"

Purpose of my Golden Gates


***** UPDATED 17, December 2000 ******

"My Beloved Brethern and Sisters........

In this time of festive greetings, let me dare to be the grinch, or the grouch to publically declare that Jer 10: clearly states that:

"we should not learn not the way of the heathen and who cut down the tree and deck it with silver and gold, the christmas trees." "Why don't ask me." That is the word.

So, I must make you wise to the fact that for those of us who are striving to be "Spiritual Israel" we must yield our hearts to the Word of God. That which the Father calls an abomination must be wrong...I too am guilty, I have fallen under the same spell of the "bright" light, "big" city, "feeeling" good, and "loooking""pretty." as my Brother Zack would say.

It's important to read your Holy Bible "A chapter a Day, keeps the devil away, behold the Heavenly Truth" as my beloved brother Jacob Miller, (rest his soul in peace) would say: "People Get Ready, cause the Train is coming, picking up passengers along the coast."

Let our purpose be clear, Send your POSITIVE thoughts into the ether, where it will combine and become realities. Only make sure your thought are Pure and True or else they will come back to haunt you.

I plan to have available in the near future, Prayer for All Special and Necessary Occasions. They will be supplied with the combination of the the special colored candlelights to enhanse the power of that Spirit. The Spirit of the Angels that are bidden to do our Devine Wills.

In this Roman transfiguration, we enter their new world order, with the Master Murdereer Bush. We must "By Any Means Necessary" plan our work and work our plans, let us make Malcolm X proud of us. Let us make Martin Luther King Jr., smile, and let us make Bob Marley sing sweet songs of Praise with Peter and Jacob on both his shoulders and Garnett, with a host of people like Jimi Hendrix, Otis Reading, Mehalia Jackson and the whole crew, Transmuting" us from Glory to Glory.

Let us keep the Prayer Wheels well "Oiled", Let Us Keep A Little More "Oil" in Our Lamps, and ensure like Judas of the Maccabees, that we Redicate Our Bodies as The Temple of The Living God" (which is our reasonably service). Well "Oiled" up for the Days of Chanukah, with a few extras for Kwanza... so that we will be able to endure the race until the end and receive the prize of Eternal Life" and not Rejection....Depart from me... Let Us Pray "Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be Done on Earth, as It "IS" in Heaven. Give us this day our Daily Bread, and Forgive us our Trespasses as We forgive those who Trespass Against Us and Lead us not into Tempation, but deliver us from evil for thine is the Kindgom the Power and The Glory, Forever and Ever... Amen...Don't Get Weary My Brothers and Sisters Jah Jah Soon come ! Pray for each other and the Peace of Jerusalem . Big Up My Children ! Everytime....!

"Sista Cindy Simeon"

***** UPDATED 01, September 2000 ****** Greetings my beloved. I send you healing, inspiration, love and prosperity through this media. We have now embarked into the Pink Belly of Zebuleon, where the compassion begins. September is significant also as the begining of the prosperity year, while April begins the spiritual beginning of Ruben, the silver eyes or the Hebrew month of Abib or Nissan the passover happenings.

Under these powerful inspiration and the freshness from Jamaica, I want to transmute and impart to you the most powerful positive vibrations that the angels will bring to you while you rest in the land of sleep and dreams. I want to encourage you all to hold dear the memories of your dearly departed loved-ones, who were positive and no negative. You can do this by placing their picture or momentoes in a special place, on an alter, with a white flower and a fresh glass of water,changed weekly or so. (Your memories will linger there.)

"Yes", It's been a while since I have updated my page and so much has happened. There is so much trouble in this world right now. We have to pray for our loved ones like never before. I am therefore asking you to help me pray for my children Yahri, Natashia and Rashida. For my family in Jamaica, Daddy Roy, O.G. etc."

Musically speaking things have been getting in tune. Hawaii was expectional as usual. I want to send out bless-ups to Tahnee, Big Bear, Loriell,THC, Kutchie, Liloa and Crew, Tahabor and Theresa from Reggae Vibes T.V."Island Rhythm Radio" with Lenai, Augie and Lois, KTUH, Ras Bird, Eddie "Sick Dog" and Crew,Ryan Mystic and the whole crew from Breathless.Big Up Mikey "Mack Daddy" Jarrett........Mahalo!

Aloha ............Here's More Pictures From Hawaii

The next picture is compliments of "" Big up Brother Owem, Nice shot of the "Rankin Crew". Live at K.C's Hideaway in Easy New York......"The Dennis Brown Memorial Show ....July 2000.

The Sumfest in Jamaica was the bomb. It was also the more high grade "FIRE" and "More Fire"!!! However,. what we found even more pleasant was the innovative invention of Dr. George, "The Bubbles Man". (Check out the Bubbles at the SumFest 2000 Show, You'll see.) "Sumfest 2001

Will keep you updated of the current events like, Twelve Tribes of Israel's Shashamane on My Mind" on Sat., September 2nd, 2000, where I'll be the M.C.for the CD release show.Congradulations to Bro. Sidney" Reuben" Salmon of The Release.

Another Radio link can be found on the Easy Star Web Site.Also check the Easy Star New York Upcoming events Section on their web site. Easy Star

Be safe,Guidance and Protection on this Labor Day Weekend, be aware, positive and in harmony. Sorry I haven't been able to reply to your E Mails and Guestbook Signings...........Soon Come!

Check out Hawaii's Most Popular Radio Station 985 Island Rhythms. Island Rhythm 985 Hawaii


***YOU CAN NOW TUNE IN TO "WKCR F.M."in New York every Saturday Morning 6:00am-10:am

"WKCR F.M" on Line"

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"Tune in to the Net" Saturday at 2:00-4:00pm E.S.T. "LIVE" "The Roots and Culture Reggae Show." Listen to Ras Lion and Lyrical Benji, Neal and the King Shiloh Crew coming to you from AMSTERDAM! You can Link to the Station thru either of the following LINKS."

"RADIO 100 Amsterdam. Hear The Live Radio Cybernet webcast.

"Latest Photo Update From Reggae Sumfest 99"

"Curtis Cain and Sista Cindy @ "The Blue Harbour"

"MORE Sumfest 99 Photos"

"Trevor Holland and Cindy Front Stage"

"Black Lion" "Biggin up" "The Easy Star Crew"

"Jr. Demus and Crew with Sugar Minotts Daughter,"Passion"

"Sista Cindy Transmutating"

"Tanya Stephens and Sista Cindy"Back Stage"


"The Scare Dem Crew"

"Guess Who This Is...?"


"Denroy"Dadda Simeon"Morgan Back Stage "

"Monte Joseph and Crew"

"Tony Rankin and Capelton"

"Beenie Man and Sista Cindy" Sumfest 99

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