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NPCs and other Characters

Sgt. Gelmo Spire
All of the following are NPCs Iíve used in campaigns or PCs Iíve got from various of them. Some are generated using Marc Millerís Traveller and some are generated using the Megatraveller system. Iíll get round to converting them all at some point bear with me. Those highlighted in the list below are up now and those on this list but unhighlighted are coming soon.

Dr. Amran Kieff BSc Honís (T4)

7A8CE4 Aged 30 Homeworld: Tremous Dex (B511411-C)

Perception -1
Grav. Craft -1
Vacc. Suit -1
Navigation -1
Survival -1
Pilot -1
Rifle Combat -1
Brawling -1
J-o-T -2
Admin. -2
Research -2
Astrogation -2
Medical -3
Computer -3

Amran grew out of the guilds on Tremous Dex in the Federation of Arden, finding himself in the Guild of Small Free Traders (Pirates) at the age of 16. He showed enough promise for them to send him to Imperial University in the Lanth subsector where he graduated with honours before going on to qualify as a medical doctor. From here he was lured into the Imperial Scout Service by promises of adventure. All this in despite of his known background on Tremous Dex (see below). He only lasted two years in the Scouts before he was caught in a fight over a racist remark that turned ugly and his opponent pulled a laser pistol on him scarring down the right side of his face. This wound caused him to be honourably discharged from the service though he gained no compensation. After this he spent the next six months or so returning home and getting himself re accustomed to guild life again. It was during this time that he met Katang Raan, the owner of the Haakenstern, a scout/courier that heíd acquired from the Sword world Scout service. The pair fell immediately in together and plied the Lunion subsector and for the last year and a half have had various scrapes including a boarding action in an Imperial Scout base that resulted in two scout personnel being killed and explosives causing substantial damage to the interior of the ship. They have also been holed up with an Imperial agent and a singer at one point.
Kieff is a tall man, over six feet tall and carries all the hallmarks of a Tremous Dexian. His head is shaved on the left side whilst the other grows well beyond his shoulder in a single dark cascade. The left side of his head and face is covered in the red full facial tattoos of his guild that runs down his left arm and onto his left finger. He is most often seen in military fatigues with a small pack containing his medical supplies. He will also always be carrying a blade and an auto snub pistol (armed with non-lethal rounds that he uses to torment people that occasionally join the Haakenstern).
He is mostly friendly in a way that only someone who looks like him can be. However he takes his duties as a medic very seriously as life on T Dex taught him all friendís lives are precious. One other idiosyncrasy he adheres to, along with Raan, is the Tremous Dexian tradition of Ďsober dayí. This dictates that on any day whilst a ship is in jump at least one member of the crew must be sober, also on the last day all crew members must be sober. This means that the rest of the crew are not, and the more crew members the less often you have to be sober.
Kieff and Raan are most likely to be encountered buried in trouble or in the starport bar anywhere in the Lunion subsector and may well come and greet any characters who stand out in a crowd, particularly Tremous Dexians and Sword Worlders. They will always be looking for personnel for the Haakenstern as that means less sober days. He may also be seen in local educational establishments probably trying to procure supplies under the pretence of research.

Count Philip Haut Veretica (T4)

8A9CED apparent age late 20s Home Veretica (Illelish)

Admin. -1
Short Blade -1
Broker -1
Camouflage -1
Communications -1
Survival -1
Grav. Craft -1
Intimidation -1
J-o-T -1
Rifle Combat -1
Forgery -2
Disguise -2
Pistol Combat -2
Fast Talk -2
Perception -2
Pilot -2
Long Blade -2
Computer -2
Bribery -2
Bureaucracy -2
Language -2 (Vargr & Zhodani)
Leadership -2
Fencing -3

Originally from Veretica in the Illelish sector, Veretica the eldest of three sons fell in with Duke Dulinor whilst they were at University and they became fast friends. Though never officially associated with Dulinor during his rapid rise, Veretica became nonetheless one of his most trusted operatives working entirely unaided in many assignments. Eight years before Dulinorís assassination attempt Veretica was given his most dangerous and potentially lucrative assignment yet. He was sent to keep an eye on the Spinward Marches and a young noble by the name of Norris in particular. He was to make sure that the Marches was part of the Imperium that he inherited and that if there were any problems, the Zhodani would not get in. In return he was promised the Domain of Deneb once Dulinor was installed.
On the journey to the Marches Veretica cultivated a number of aliases and alter egos such that by the time he reached his destination he was no longer traceable as his true self.
Veretica is the owner of Coresh enterprises that deals in skilled personnel in the Marches and this is his source of income (in addition to the grants Dulinor sends him which were tied up in the founding of the company). From this he also operates a web of informants.
His plans for the near future involve ensuring that there will be massive disruptions when the emperor is assassinated. He is dealing with the Zhodani arranging for uprisings in the Jewell subsector. He is negotiating with the Vargr to get them to raid cohesively the hubward margin of the subsector. He is informing the Aslan Ihatae that there will soon be land available in the old Imperium. He is banking on this forcing Norris, who he sees as a warhorse to concentrate on military issues so that he will neglect matters closer to home. Veretica is planning to discredit the Duke and take his position. There are other plans afoot [but I havenít written these yet]. When he deals with each of these factions he uses a different alias, Nang Meartoff is his name for dealing with Imperial authorities; Tensch Quatan according to the Consulate; and Cleon Ranore the name he uses with the Vargr.
Veretica is not overly tall and has is black hair cut at about his ears. His eyes are a piercing green that some people find disconcerting but are very much alive and bright. He is light of build but carrying no excess weight and very supple. He is a quiet man much of the time though very persuasive and a convincing speaker. He can be quick to temper if anyone shows that they disagree with him though more because he believes they are either wrong or stupid than because they disagree with him. Because of his temper he always carries two body pistols about his person in addition to any visible armaments.
Although he looks in his late 20s he is considerably older than that and only keeps young through extensive anagathics use.

N.B. Veretica is the lead NPC in my "Birth of the Empire" campaign set against the rebellion in the spinward Marches and much of him remains to be defined as much by what the players do as what I think he will, as more is defined I will add it.

The Crew of the IISS Firestar

The crew of the Firestar Are currently wandering the coreward end of the Spinward marches. They are in the employ of the Imperial Intelligence searching for Nang Meartoff for suspected terrorist activities and on suspicion of consorting with the Zhodani. This has led them to Efate (during the 1116 uprising), the secret Scout way station in deep space that facilitates movement into the Jewell subsector (hex. 1506), the red zoned Pscias system and eventually Enope when the news of the Emperorís assassination was announced. The crew as a whole do not get on well with each other, Spire and Pulsar are constantly bickering about who has authority (Spire on shore and Pulsar, as shipís captain when they are on board), an argument that stems from an unknown power spike in the ships systems on their first journey. This has been less prominent since they were forced to work together on their own on Enope [they were the only players that turned up so I just ran it for them]. They are currently of interest to Naval intelligence since they have begun to turn up regularly in trouble spots around the coreward end of the Marches. This may prove to be a little interesting in the near future as Spire has not told the others of the Intelligence Serviceís covert nature.
The crew of the Firestar are:

Sgt. Gelmo Spire (MT)

8A6956 (9) Age: 38 Home: Capon (2324) B747748-A

Admin -1
Streetwise -1
Persuasion -1
First Aid -1
Gambling -1
J-o-T -1
Legal -1
Medical -1
Sensor Ops. -1
Pilot -1
Hangun -1
Computer -1
Grav. Vehicle -1
Brawling -2
Auto snub Pistol (HEAP)
Body Pistol
Forensic kit
Binoculars (PRIS)
Cold lamps
Digital camera
Spire is paranoid. He suspects everyone of working for the other side, even when heís not sure what the other side are. After 12 years in the Navy when he gained a commission, he was activated by the IIIS and quickly rose through the ranks to become a sargaent within the first four years. He has gained considerable acclaim within the service, but seems to work best when alone. He feels most at home when working on the underbelly of Imperial society, ingratiating himself with itís less savoury elements. His dark moody persona and daunting appearance help with this part of the job.
Hailing from the peaceful garden world of Capon, he did his utmost to get out and experience the galaxy, as a result itís now several years since he last visited his homeworld, and if this assignment turns out the way he feels it might, itíll probably be a long time yet.
He did not regard it as a great honour to be chosen to head this assignment, more of a last resort. But it is a command on a major investigation and he intends to do it well. In this he often comes into direct confrontation with Pulsar, whoís overly direct approach to matters conflicts with his more subtle methodology. After the three months theyíve been together now, heís beginning to appreciate Pulsarís point of view. Especially on Enope. Spire is beginning to realise that this might be a much bigger investigation than he, or the Service, realised.

Jago Pulsar (MT)

77A855 (9) Age: 39 Home: Rhylanor (2716) A434934-F

Fast talk -1
Large Blade -1
Small Blade
Brawling -1
gambling -1
Navigation -1
Computer -1
First Aid -2 Pilot -2
Stealth -2
Vacc Suit -2
Grav. Vehicle -2
Wheeled Vehicle -2
Streetwise -3
J-o-T -3
Auto Snub Pistol (HE)
Pocket lamp
Binoculars (PRIS)

Jago grew up in the undercity of Rhylanor, the world of towering cities and a cyberpunk underside. He gained his early experience in the gangs of the undercity as do most on the world, cutting his teeth in itís dangerous streets and survived. This is when he gained his powerful instinct of self preservation that has served him well since. He was 26 by the time he left Rhylanor, during this time he grew to some standing within itís community, gaining a reputation for directness but care when necessary. He headed one of the constituent gangs of the Rainbow Project that nearly overthrew the Rhylanorg. The project was only stopped by a senior co-ordinator selling them out, one Nang Meartoff. When the heat came down Pulsar cashed in an offer to join the Scouts and managed to get out before he was officially caught doing anything.
He rose to acclaim quickly in the Scouts and served until his 38th year. On his retirement the service bestowed upon him the honour of detached service and he walked out with the IISS Firestar.
After leaving the Scouts Jago turned his hand to freelance trade, his instincts from Rhylanor drew him to the less legal aspects of interstellar trade. He was drawn, once again, into the practices of his younger days. During all this time the IIIS had been aware of his movements and after he had been plying his trade for about a year they sprung their trap, setting him up with an illegal shipment of xenobiologicals for a Dinomn noble. They arrested him and instead of sending him to prison they offered him a job. This he took on with a degree of reluctance, after working for so long outside the law he felt uncomfortable with the concept of upholding it. However the pay was good and it allowed him his continued freedom, not to mention a chance to get back at Meartoff.
Jago does not trust Spire, after arguments over command there was the incident with the unregistered power spike on the Firestar, for which he still blames Spire. He does not appreciate Spireís roundabout approach to things preferring to be more direct as was his style on Rhylanor, though this has lessened slightly since the experience of the riots on Enope. He is starting to get a feel for his new line of work and to appreciate that he is involved in something that may well become a major affair. Not only this but it gives him a chance to pay back the debt he owes Meartoff, something he has been burning to do.

Lt. Sir Sebastian Glacius (MT)

DD799B (A) Age: 26 Home: Strouden (2327) A745988-D

Brawling -1
Cudgel -1
Helicopter -1
Handgun -1
Fencing -1
Carousing -1
Streetwise -1
Psychology -2Interrogation -3 Possessions
Auto Snub Pistol (HEAP)
c. 152,500

Sebastian is the second son of the Glacius family on Strouden, a family that operates a major mining company on the outer planet Careen supplying one of the orbital shipyards that planet has. However Sebastian tired of family life with all itís strict conventions and codes of conduct so he joined the Navy.
He quickly rose through the academy and almost immediately went into Naval intelligence, albeit at a low level. His innate skill with psychology and interview techniques was used to itís full and during his time he was no stranger to extracting vital information from less than willing subjects. He performed many valuable services on delicate missions of state. Despite never seeing active combat he more than made up for it with his work behind the scenes.
After only four years his superior negotiated him a new line of work and he was put out on indefinite sabbatical to work in the field. This job turned out to be working for the Imperial Interstellar Intelligence service, a group that Sebastian had never heard of. He was placed with a team on active service as their military psychologist, thinking this would be a useful addition to the team.
His first impression of the team was less than impressive as they found themselves in the anti imperial riots on Efate. His opinion of the others has raised a little but he still regards Pulsar as little short of a pirate and Spire as full of his own self importance and a repressed sociopath. Still, he is continuing his service for the Imperium and harnessing his talents for itís common good.
Sebastian is, unsurprisingly, strongly pro Imperial having seen what it does for the safety and well being of itís citizens. He is quietly confident of his own abilities and will not miss an opportunity to use them. He does not boast or brag, it does not fit in with his structured upbringing, nor does he take any notice of those who do. He takes great care not to psychoanalyse those around him unless useful. He is, though, keeping files on all his crewmates and their mental health in case disaster strikes.

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