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The Imperial Interstellar Intelligence Service

The Imperial Interstellar Intelligence Service (IIIS) is to Imperial Naval Intelligence what the Imperiallines TJ system is to the naval couriers. Itís authority comes directly from the emperor himself, however for means of practicality (a principle on which the service prides itself) it is headed in each sector by a commander. This commander has complete authority and freedom of action within his sector.

Officially the IIIS doesnít exist and the sector commanders are merely senior employees of Imperiallines. Other employees fall into two groups: active employees and passive members. The passive members are those who have a job of their own and are, to all intents and purposes, ordinary citizens of the Imperium. A good number of these are unaware of their status and are just earmarked for contact in the future. Active employees are those who are currently agents of the IIIS on assignment. Active employees are almost always former passive members who have been selected as appropriate for particular assignments, once the assignment has been completed they return to their former status. For rapid response the service employs a small number of permanent active employees, these are referred to as Agents and are accorded slightly higher status than ordinary employees. Agents are officially employed by Imperiallines.

The service has members in high places in the Scouts, the army and the Navy as well as local and regional government. These members have managed, over time to gain access for their members to their facilities. Any member, regardless of status, has access to the information carried on the TJ signals, either by uplifting at Imperiallines terminals or by secure delivery to a permanent address. By this means all members are informed of important events some time before the populace at large. (Thus well informed individuals in society may well be members of the IIIS).

The IIIS reports directly to the emperor himself (also to others deemed fit). However none outside this select group and itís members they are sworn to secrecy. None outside the IIIS and the Emperor know of itís existence, not even the heir apparent. The service is headed by the head of the Office of Personal Transportation, and run in the emperorís name by him. The system of transferral from one emperor to the next is as follows. The Commander-in-Chief of the service (see above) gains an audience with the newly crowned Emperor and offers their services to him.

As there is currently dispute over the Emperor, during the rebellion the service has chosen not to make any of the contenders aware of itís existence. Instead it is following itís own agenda in each sector and continuing itís work in the emperors name until the successor to Strephon becomes clear.

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