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Oferiko at the 21st century
Individualist Biosophic Autodidactic Nonconformist
Ideas, Thoughts, and Life experience that shaped my life

Last modified: April 2010

To better understand it, this document must be read OnLine using the (underlined blue) links for more information, for pinpointing the definitions

I like books. I feel comfortable when surrounded by them. I prefer old, non-fiction, and reference books. I do have fiction, such as: The Little Prince, The Alchemist, Mister God this is Anna, and Ahavat Zion. I have more than one thousand books. Art, Poetry, Jewish, Philosophy (such as The search for the miraculous), Nature, and more. Overall, the books I have were carefully chosen. The following 4 are among the Valuable, Rare (& hard to find) books in my possession: Rabindaranath Tagore (Hebrew) - First Edition 1946. "Einstein's 1912 Manuscript on the Special Theory of Relativity: A Facsimile" "The American artist and his times" (ISBN 111126810x) by Homer Saint-Gaudens (#74 of 155 Autographed. Limited 1941. First Edition) 1 Andy warhol's Ex libris. The last three I acquired in New York, from one of Edmond Safra's (z"l) book collections.

3 traditional texts had shaped & influenced on my life (mainly between 1990-2000): Igeret HaRamban and the "LeOlam" prayer. Both, like chanting a mantra, engraved their impression on my life. The third, is the world of Kabbalah (English) (Spanish).

Another main aspect of my life is called Biosophy. In 1995, Flipping through a new-age magazine, I found an essay about being a Biosopher. I copied those parts I felt (already then) related to my life. "I am a Biosopher" is my ID; with exceptions.

During my military 3 years' service, I served as a Kosher supervisor. I hated it (once I was even physically beaten up). After the service, thank God, and due to my experience, I worked for the (OU) Orthodox Union's Kashruth Division, and other 2-3 Rabbis and organizations. In general, Whoever says it is an easy job, either lies, either doesn't know what he is talking about, Or just a lucky man. I worked full-time for the OU for almost 3 years. I resigned the well paid job due to Money/Politics issues I could not stand. Problems that brought to a breaking point, where I couldn't perform my job properly anymore. During my experience I saw a lot. Maybe too much. In order to release some pressure off my chest, I edit few "behind the scenes" stories, from the Kashrut world. Check it out @

Another idea I am expressing OnLine, could be seen in (for few years I owned this URL). This site is to report on companies and services, that the way they treat their customers, they like saying: "We Do Not Care"! I have tons of stories, But I now have other priorities. So, for now, you'll find there just few links on a reference page, to provide my visitors with something...

People to Admire for their Thoughts, Visions, Writings, Creativity, and Actions they took to promote it: Rabindaranath Tagore, M.C. Escher, HaRav Kook (2) (3) [not for the way most people (wrongly) admire him for], Martin Luther King Jr.(heb.), Rudolf Steiner, Aryeh Kaplan (The Living Torah online), Gottfried Leibniz (The Monadology, 1898), P.D. Ouspensky& others.

I like photography. In Nov. 2008 I purchased my 2nd SLR Digital Camera - a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS). I still need to learn how to use it.

Search, Research & Diving into various sources of information, is something I like to do often. As Anonymous beautifully stated: "The truly educated never graduate".

Since Apr 2002 I am working on a major Genealogy project, searching about my family (I've gathered & linked about 16,000 individuals).

Though I don't do that often, I like going on trips. 'like driving, walking, riding a bicycle or motorcycle. "Getting lost" is a great way to find new unmanned beautiful places.

I have a License to operate Fireworks. The really big ones. Click Here to play a little

I do not smoke. And I'm against the use of CellPhones. Both are things that causes people to lose our Self-Care, Morality, and quality of life. Driving & talking is dangerous, and can be fatal. I am against academic studies ("higher" formal education), degrees and titles. It reflects *nothing* of one's self- character, values, abilities, and talents. We are Humans, Not Robots. Most jobs do not require pre-knowledge. Most jobs can be learned, and preformed by anyone. I hate when (too often) people will look down at me, in Dis-(Repect), when discovering I don't have formal edu.; It is wrong to discriminate people base on their education level!! You won't believe how ignorant learned & "educated" people can be.

I grow up as a curious boy. My Curiosity lead me to Daliah.

Most people I speak with, about the way I see and feel the world, say: "You are right! But...". If they all think I am right, Why they are trying to convince me to change my perspective and attitude? If what I am saying is correct (&/or make some sense), I expect people to Stand By Me (not against me). I find that most people are imprisoned (consciously or not) to the concept they cannot change the world. That is a Big Mistake. How this world will be better to live in if WE won't do anything about it?! WE Are the world!!! One of my problems is that I often see both sides of the coin. Another problem is that, sometimes, I can be too sensitive to small details. Rich, Complex, and Colorful life, can really make it hard on people to be able to integrate in the everyday "normal" life, and the world around them.
Complexity is a major key here. Here is what Daniel Persky says about himself.

A Scholar is not necessarily an Intellectual or an Intelligent person.
See "A Collection of Definitions of Intelligence", and The Wiki's "Intelligence".

There is a difference between "to learn" and "to know". If you acquire knowledge from someone, you don't Know if it is true (or not) - You believe it is! Once you Know, you Know! There is No doubt about it. In Judaism, every Jew is obligate to Know God. But most Jews just believe in Him. Knowing something can be a tricky thing. See the Gettier problem.

"Acquiring the necessary skills requires understanding the system in question..."
("Think" pg 271). See My Philosophy page, for more ideas that shaped my life.

I am open-minded. I can be stubborn, But also very flexible. I believe that the fact that, over the years, I met and spoke with various kind of people, really contributed to bring more peace and understanding between people. We don't have to agree with one another, But we must understand each other. Tolerance is another keyword. I am not perfect, But I am trying to improve myself.

Being said that (& other things), I still feel you don't know me enough; You just got a glimpse. I don't know if I know myself who am I... but I can't give up, and must continue to explore (Its not an easy task) - - "The truly educated never graduate". You simply cannot derive & truly understand what kind of a person I am; What kind of a friend I can be; and What kind of a woman (to be my life-mate) I am looking for. For sure, you don't know me enough (yet) in order to criticize me. Don't judge others unless you walked in their shoes (& remember, you cannot Judge a Book by Its Cover). We may not agree, But we Must understand each other. Stop Being Frum - - Be Jewish!!!

Most, as all, Reference letters & recommendations are some sort of false statements and are misleading. It gives only part of the truth; and even that is not necessarily accurate. Talking to the recommender &/or reference person, is Much better than simply Read what they want to say. I found people say: "you write whatever you want, and I will sign". Talking face to face (on a coffee or something) is preferable, but on the phone is ok too...

Rule #1: "Every rule has an exception"

I do not attend any regular classes and/or "Shiurim". I do not learn Gmara (maybe "Ein Yaakov"). and, I do not (& have no intention to) have a Degree in anything (in fact, I even object acquiring any diplomas. A wise man told me (2006): "Titles are only for God".

Every so often I feel people afraid from me. I feel they really get intimidated by the fact I know things without ever attending college, university, &/or alike institution. I think I can understand their frustration.

I warmly recommend reading Allan Bloomís (1987) book: "The closing of the American mind: how higher education... impoverished the souls of today's students"; Read it's Great review "The Groves of Ignorance". I could have been a good contributor to Mr. Bloom's (z"l) dialogue. I wish I had a chance sharing with him whats on my heart.
It is hard to explain, but I knew many of the ideas he wrote about in his book BEFORE I read it (this phenomenon happened to me, few times, in the past).

Different people need to acquire different tools for life. For example: A Chef (normally, of course) won't use a surgeonís tools, as precise & sharp as they may be.

Many of the so called "learned people"... may not use books with proper respect (the same books that granted them their "knowledge"). During my library experience I saw a scary thing; In most cases, There is a correlation between the way people handle books... & the way they treat (& behave towards) other people. As Heinrich Heine said, in 1821: "Dort, wo man Bucher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen" ("Where they burn books, they will end up burning people").

Purity of thoughts is important.

If one is asking for "trouble" try to ask an autodidactic-nonconformist a common, so called, "normal" questions about his background and education (like, Which school did you go to?). These questions are simply the wrong measuring tools to evaluate a person. In a situation like this, one MUST be more creative and open minded. Stop Being Frum - - Be Jewish!!!

Most of what I have learned & exposed to, during my life... brought me to a different set of conclusions, about some central & critical ideas in life (such as in Education, Beliefs, & Practices). As Robert Frost wrote in his famous poem "The Road Not Taken": "I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference". For good and bad. Sigh...
Don't stone me - - just, kindley, try to be more accepting & understanding.

In this lifetime I am missing the proper tools to properly handle my everyday. If I am a surgeon, Please don't impose on me the Chef's tools. I am still searching for the proper tools... and will be very thankful to anyone who would enlighten me with what I need to know. Don't shut me down - Listen!

I belong to about 34% of the population that has Blood type: A+. The "+" means that my blood has a positive Rh factor. Theoretically, I can donate blood to people with type A+ & type AB+. I can receive blood from people with type A+/- & type O+/-.

Music samples: Wagner's The Ride of the Valkyries, Ravel's Bolero, Glykeria (specially when she sings in Hebrew)), and other Greek Songs. Middle-eastern Israeli music, and others.

Did I mention I am a Libra (Moznayim)? Element = Air. Gemstone = Opal. Ruler = Venus
Check it out: Personality, Relationships, Famous Libras, Libra the Scales of Justice.

"Opals are porous; they lose their colour and may crack if they dry out".
Drying out, like Opal (2006-2010).

(concepts to edit: non-affiliated, tendency toward Chassidic, tradition, Conceptual Engineering)