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Italian-American Webring

Wow, it's been awhile since I've edited the main page! The background has been tweaked a bit, so that hopefully it's a bit easier on the eyes. Also, as you may have noticed, Yahoo has taken over the old join form doesn't work any more.

Our webring is now over four years old. Thank you everyone, for all your support! Together we are demonstrating the talent and skills of our fellow Italian-Americans on the internet.

Welcome to the Italian-American Webring! You are cordially invited to join if:

This is a community of many different people and ideas, and the idea is to showcase sites made by Italian-Americans. Your page can be about anything you want; it doesn't have to pertain to culture. There are only a few restrictions: Please, no pornography, and no hate sites or illegal activities. Another thing: We'd really appreciate it if you don't include negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans in your site (ie, Mafia, etc.) Not much to ask, hmm?

Sorry, I neglected to mention do not have to be "100% Italian" to join! You can be .00000000000002% Italian and we'll be more than happy to have you. If you are already a ring member, you can click here to login to management, where you can change your site info or password.

Why was this ring created? Well, one college student was browsing through Webring when she noticed something: There were a lot of Italian-oriented rings, but absolutely no "Italian-American" rings. Seeing this, she decided to create one. After a period of many weeks with no submissions at all, finally a kind soul discovered the ring and decided to join. The college student rejoiced, and the ring was born.

So why not join the ring? You get a really famous picture to put on your page and more hits. Just go to this webpage and follow the directions:

Click here to join the webring

And that's it! Your site will be added to the queue, and the ringmaster (ringmistress?) will officially add you to the ring. Yahoo will them send you any additional instructions you may need.

This Italian-American Webring site is owned by
Mary Gifaldi.

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The image is, of course, a detail of Michelangelo's masterpiece, painted on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel.

New versions of the webring code can be found here. They have some nicer graphics.

And, there's a faq now!

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Ring members, please note the e-mail change (again...)

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