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The Slayerette's Fanfic Page

This page was updated as of February 19, 1999


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I've updated Short Silly Fic ; added Fall As Deep As Me ; added All I Crave ; updated Take Your Time

On January 22, 1999, James starred as the kiddnapper on Milli.[Fox]That was cool, except that the puny kid broke his neck. So not fair.

Click on Spike and Willow {pic from Lover's Walk} to read No Expression on Her Face Pick of the month!

The Fanfic

Saber ShadowKitten

Willow & Spike: A Collection of Short Silly Stories
A collection of add on Spike and Willow stories.

Parts 1-23



Take Your Time
Spike makes Willow travel back in time to kill Angel.



Angel's on the loose and he's after Willow... Oz to the rescue! But..can he get there in time?

Laura and Katie

Too Human For A Vampire
Spike accidentally gets his soul back and finds love in an unexpected place
Not completed


Too short for a summary.


The Dark Shades
Spike realizes that Buffy was right about Dru;she is a ho...but what is he going to do about it?


Bad Can Be Good
Angelus finds a soulmate in Willow


The Truth, Dolls, and the Damned
Spike and Willow have a run-in.

The Morning After...And Then Some
Dru gets jealous, Oz gets hairy, and things get heated up. Sequel toThe Truth, Dolls, and the Damned

The ChaseNot stored locally
Forty years after their last meeting, Spike is back for Willow. Sequel to The Morning After..And Then Some

All My Days Are Dark
sequel to The Chase

Wolf Moon
Spike, Willow, a ghostly husband, and a Slayer are back. Sequel to All My Days Are Dark

Sandra S.

The Bet
Spike makes a bet with Buffy (really great story)

The Gambit Series

The plague begins and claims several lives. The only way to stop it? Buffy has to marry Spike.

Deadly Beloved
Sequel to Plague: To stop a plague, Buffy has to do the unthinkable -- marry Spike

Sequel to Deadly Beloved: Spike turns to the one person he knows that can save Buffy from dying in childbirth -- Angel.

Sequel to Gambit: Buffy gives birth and stops the plague. Now she has to make a choice...Spike or Angel?

Nicole L.

Goodbye, Valentine
Willow's Valentine's Day starts to look a bit brighter...

Cards and Dreams
Willow/Giles. This is a sequel to Goodbye, Valentine.


Parts 1-5


Things That Go Bump...
Willow's stuffed animals have some fun..."de mock you wit der moonkey pantz"

TJ Thwaite

The Loyal Type
Angel's plans to continue tormenting Buffy hit a snag. A very ticked off, hairy snag.

Jenni W.

House Hunting...Vampire Style
Spike, Angelus and Dru are homeless after Giles burned down their warehouse in 'Passion' a house hunting they will go.

Dinner With The Vampires
The sequel to House Hunting, Vampire Style. Spike, Dru, and Angel have found a new their new neighbors want to have dinner with them.

Three Vampires' Lessons in Pet Care, Dye Jobs, and Religion{For lack Of A Better Title}
Follows House Hunting, Vampire Style and Dinner with the Vampires. Dru gets a pet, Spike's hair takes some punishment, and the neighborhood Jehovah's Witnesses drop by.


Having Fun...Willow Style
Willow's had a bad day and when one of the undead decide to play with her a bit, she shows them what the quiet ones can REALLY do!

Deja Vu
sequel to Having Fun...Willow Style


The Spell
With the help of a little magic, Willow gets a chance at what she's always wanted..and more...


Midnight Delivery
Willow has a job as a resataurant delivery girl, but you'll never guess who wants a delivery tonight.



Oz's Bad Week
Oz seems to be suffering from multiple personalities.

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