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Welcome to my Star Trek Page. This page was last updated on 05/27/2005. Below are links to my Star Trek extra and wish lists. Feel free to browse through the categories . You may also want to check out my scanned cards section. I have some of my more interesting cards scanned. Visit my favorite links, they're excellent pages.


If you would like to buy/trade with me there are some basic rules:

1. After we agree on a buy/trade you send first. As soon as I receive yours I will send mine.
2. All buys/trades are sent how ever you want, if you want to send yours via unregistered mail you do so at your own risk. You do not have send items via registered mail. Registered mail should be used for the more valuable items.
3. If you are unsure whether to buy or trade with me, you can find references or feedback on me at References.
4. If you want to buy, just leave me an offer via e-mail. No reasonable offer will be refused.
5. If I do not have any cards that you want but you have a card I want, send me an e-mail with asking price.
6. I am always looking for Star Trek cards even if it is not on this list. Just e-mail me with info.
7. Any sets I have will not be broken.
8. All my cards are mint unless stated otherwise.
9. If there is an * at the end of an item, then a sale/trade is pending.

Most Important:

I sell/trade on a trust basis. If we agree on a trade, I will act under the assumption that you will fulfill your end of the bargin. However, if you do not, I will do everything in my power to help other internet users to protect them from you.

Star Trek: Extras
Star Trek: Wants
Other Nonsport Cards
Scanned Star Trek cards
Star Trek: My Favorite Links

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