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DO YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK STATE, but can't get a license because of a suspension / revocation on your driving record here in New York? In most cases, I can help you clear your NY driving record so you can drive again in your home state. In most cases, I can do the job without you having to make an expensive and time-consuming trip to New York.

NOT SURE WHAT YOUR SITUATION IS? Click on my FAQ link to learn more or call for more information about hiring me to do the research for you.

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Map and directions to my office
map and directions to my office

Frequently Asked Questions about Long Island traffic tickets

Long Island Speed Traps!

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

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My office is located on Long Island in New York State. I fight tickets ALL OVER LONG ISLAND and in NEW YORK CITY.

For information about rates and what documentation I need to get started on your case, please contact me by telephone at (631) 348-0195 or use the links to e-mail me.
Be sure to tell me:
How many tickets?
What were the charges? (what did the cop say you were doing?) and
WHICH COURT each ticket is in?

This information is VERY important, as there are MANY courts here on Long Island and they are ALL different!