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- BEHOLD Long Island's worst places to be a motorist!

WARNING - THIS PAGE CONTAINS OPINIONS AND certain attempts at COMEDY which should, but may not be, obvious when read.
Thanks for visiting and please Drive Safely - especially in SCHOOL and WORK ZONES! Lives are at stake! Put the cell phone down and drive people!

Some words before we begin. New York State and Long Island, in particular have a very large police force that give out a lot of tickets. To people from other states, the difference between here and your home state may be particularly shocking. You can receive tickets from local police in NYC and its surrounding counties, as well as NY state Troopers, Sheriffs Deputies, Transit Police and NY State Park Police just to name a few. You're not in Kansas anymore. Cops are everywhere in the NYC metro area and Long Island. You must watch for them constantly to avoid costly tickets.

Having said that, as a part of my job, I have met many police officers. Many of them have visited this web site. The overwhelming majority of them are honest, hard-working professionals who don't even BEGIN writing speeding tickets unless the motorist has exceeding the limit by at least 21 mph. Some Officers have told me they dont even start until 31+ mph over the limit. In my own personal experiences as a driver I have found this to be true. Generally, if you keep your speed within 10 mph of the posted limits, no cop will ticket you - (except in Asharoken see below)


Back in 2008 I received a tip from Alert motorist Bill who wrote '...the Nassau County 5th pct now has a taxi yellow crown vic that is made out to look like a NYC TAXI CAB..." Well Bill wasn't hallucinating: here it is:

Bill sure was right. It has flashers inside the front and rear windows which are quite dark. There are also nubby antennas on the roof front and back, no front plate, and it lacks any actual "TAXI" sign on top. look out for this one people.

EDITORS NOTE - Wait a minute, I've seen this before. Wasn't this in the plot of one of "RUNNING SCARED" the 1986 buddy-cop movie featuring the late great Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal? Didn't they see what happened to the taxi in that movie!?


Here in beautiful Suffolk County, the letter "A" is for ASHAROKEN a little residential community just North of Huntington, Centerport, and Northport. Don't get me wrong - all these towns are great places to visit. Huntington is a hot spot for L.I. night life and downtown Northport is very charming and friendly.

If, however, you decide to take the scenic drive up through Asharoken to Eatons Neck, beware - The only way in or out (by land, anyway) is through Asharoken. The 30 mph speed limit is clearly posted as you enter Asharoken. With great pity, the local people will warn you to drive slowly, but nothing can prepare you for the severity of the enforcement you will find there. The "plus 10 mph" rule does not apply in this town!

After a long history of horrible dispositions here, a well-respected colleague recently emailed me saying that he reluctantly took a case here and actually received a decent disposition of 4 pt speeder reduced to parker! Lets hope its true, as it would signal a major change in policy.

Here are some things to know before traveling in this area from Alert Motorist Ed:

'... 1. Soberity and safety inspections : The Asharoken police will set up sobriety and an inspection check entering and exiting the village on just about every major holiday such as Memorial day [they were just out this memorial day] and July 4th.

2. Unmarked Cars: Also they own several unmarked cars including a white jeep grand cherokee and crown victoria.

3. Hiding Spots - Thier favorite spot to give people tickets is towards the end of the street by the dunes where their are no homes on either side of the street. It is so tempting to speed because you think no one is around. They also hide in other places too including peoples drive ways, especially by the hill before the village ends and becomes Eatons Neck. I am not sure if its legal, but they do it all the time.

3. Trailers and boats : Beware if you are towing a trailer and want to launch your boat in Hobart beach. If they see a trailer go by they will follow it just to see if the lights in the back of it are working. This happens a lot and they are always on the look out for this violation.

4. Tinted Windows: If you are a teenager with a pimped out car with tinted windows, avoid the area at all cost, as soon as you drive past the village hall you'll get ticketed for windows too tinted.

I hope this helps the many people who have been harassed or wronged by the ashoroken punks, they are very prideful and proud, if you cry or beg, you will receive no mercy...'


Babylon no longer has their own police department. They now have a Code Enforcement department. Although they can't pull people over they go crazy with parking tickets. Typically they drive around in all white cars with a light-bar on top. They also have an unmarked blue Chevy Lumina and a white Jeep. Their court will give breaks especially to residents or members of the fire department. (thanks Avid Traveler Dan!)


Alert motorist Don reportst that he has seen Freeport/Nassau cops hiding at the boatyard under the bridge that divides Baldwin and Freeport right off of Atlantic Avenue, 'I know quite a few people who have gotten tickets here, the speed limit here is 35, then just over the bridge it goes to thirty' says Don...


This favorite "choke point" for police stops is the interchange where the Sagtikos parkway meets the southern state, Sunrise Highway and the Robert Moses Causeway. Within this interchange is a briar-patch of roads and turnarounds used by local police and state troopers to sneak up behind you. Also - 5th Avenue is now the cops favorite place to do the inspection / registration checks. Don't put off that inspection!

Lesson: Go slow when changing roadways in this area.

Warning - the cops have begun using a RED undercover police car to enforce the 45 mph speed limit in work zones along Sunrise Highway! Thanks to alert motorist Ray for this one. Also, an undercover HUMMER has been added to the fleet!


"Town Cops will sit in the Getty Gas station Parking Lot over by Woods Lane with their lights off, radar gunning people....they will also hang out in the bowling Alley parking lot and by the golf course across from the townline steakhouse along 27. Late at night and into Early Morning. They pull you over for insignificant things such as a plate lights that are too dim...and if you get a summons for speeding, they will mark it up by 10 mph."

sent in by alert motorist Keith.


Hi, Love your site! There is a speed trap on the LIE service Road in East Hills, by Old Westbury Road at Andover. Most of the time the speed limit on LIE service road is 45MPH. They had radar and pulled over three and four cars at a time for going 50 MPH in what is a limited area of 30MPH.

Thanks to my new BFF, the 'bella' Cindy for this tip.


First, remember that JFK has its own cops who patrol there all the time, so observe all traffic laws!

Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem here as well. Alert reader Brian reports about an area on the back roads just over the QUEENS-NASSAU BORDER. Back behind JFK airport there is a twisted, swampy road with a surveilance camera system near the COSTCO. As the road branches off towards COSTCO, the next light will bring you into this speed trap.

There is at least one cop on this patrol who is alleged to be 'crazy.' Roll through a stop sign and this cop will chase you down even if he is on the opposite side of the road and facing the opposite direction. My clients tell me he will then subject you to the kind of abusive 'D.W.B.' stop usually reserved for escaped felons.


'I saw this twice in the last 4 months on a Saturday morning. When entering the ramp for the north bound Meadowbrook from Merrick road heading eastbound in Freeport at least 4 State trooper vehicles and troopers were stopping cars on the approach ramp and looking inside at all occupants. If you don't have your seatbelt on you will get ticketed' says alert motorist Patrick


This court has made an important change as of late. Abandoning their 'absolutely no deals' policy, it is now possible to work out a meager disposition if, and only if, you have a perfectly clean driving record in the prior 18 months at least. If not, you will likely have to go to trial. Not much of a change, but any change is welcome.


'At the end of the Northern State Parkway, after the exit for New Highway but before the big bend going into Veteran's Highway, there is a turnaround on the middle median. The State Police hide in there and get you on that long straightaway stretch. This spot also works the same when you are just entering the Northern State Parkway, westbound, from Veteran's Highway. Just today there was an unmarked late model Chevy Impala. There was no one in the car, or so I thought. Just then my radar detector went off. Seems someone was under the car. Because I was within the +10 rule, I was not pursued...' says VERY alert motorist Dave.


At WB exit 41 of the Northern State Parkway in Huntington, The State Troopers regularly hide just past the Dix Hills Overpass.


'...Located at the North end of New York Avenue.  Watch out on East Shore Road.  Speed traps daily.  Also Bay Road off Huntington Bay Road.  At the entrance to the village borders are Green signs that greet you.  Basically they tell you that your todays bait and the Blue Fish are looking to 'meat' you.  Huntington Bay Village also known as 'THE LAND OF NO.' Once in, its open season on your license and wallet.   You'll never win in their village court.  Drivers beware...' Sent in anonymously.


The cops have been ordered to write all tickets to the new Suffolk Traffic Agency and not to this court. By the time you read this, the court will likely has been put out of business by the boundless greed of the new County-run Traffic Agency.

Too bad, this was a really decent court. Way better than the SCTPVA


This court is located on the grounds of the gorgeous Lake Success Country Club. Good Prosecutor - Tough Judge. This court is usually OK if you have a clean driving record, but they can also be quite harsh if you do not. Upkeep isn't cheap on a country club.


"there's a speed trap on the Northern State Pkwy in Nassau just over the Queens border. It's patrolled by unmarked, sporty new black Mercurys. good luck with this very needed site." THANKS ALEX! DK


Watch out for the Speed trap located on West Neck Road in Lloyd Harbor. Sent in anonymously.


Cops are strictly enforcing the recently reduced speed limits here thanks to some parents who have been complaining about the speeds on the road.  They are using a black Crown Victoria and a black Chevy Impala.  They are also being especially aggressive with this area during morning and evening rush hours.

Other anonymous friends write: regarding 'Loop Parkway, I have seen two different troopers at a time in either direction parked on the side of the road on several instances. I have always seen troopers east of the Loop Parkway bridge, also -Loop Parkway at Lido Boulevard, I have seen a trooper parked where you get off the Loop Parkway to head to Lido/Long Beach obviously doing cell phone or seat belt checks.

At the eastern driveway of the Point Lookout-Lido fire department firehouse with the officer's radar gun pointed at traffic on Lido Boulevard. This area has a school zone speed limit of 20 mph from 7am-6pm on school days.


NASSAU BORDERS - Just as you enter and just as you are about to leave Nassau County, watch out. The Nassau PD will try to get you coming and going...

Just after you leave Queens and enter Nassau county there is blue-and-white "HOSPITAL" sign on the right shoulder. Slow down, there is a Nassau cop right behind it waiting to welcome you with a lovely yellow ticket.

Similarly as you continue to travel Eastbound towards Suffolk, there is a cop just after exit 46 (PLAINVIEW) but before the Suffolk County line near exit 48. (currently, there is no exit 47) The Nassau cop will be waiting on the shoulder to get you just before you leave Nassau county. Don't get caught twice!


L.I.E. service road westbound, just west of Crossways Park. Cop parks on a side street to hide his car, then jumps into the roadway with his gun. Maybe he's hoping to get hit so he can retire with a nice, fat disability pension?

Thanks to alert motorist, Gina who sent this one in.


SUFFOLK - The newly minted center divider of the L.I.E. has plenty of special places where the cops can hide and track you without being seen until its too late. Constant vigilance is required to spot the police cruisers' light rack that just peeks out above the cement barriers. The SCPD is trying to eliminate that disadvantage by using new "limited-visibility" police cars. They are harder to spot because they have fewer markings and no lights on the roof at all!

Especially prevalent in the Hauppauge area (exits 50-55) near the rest stop that the local cops call the "pickle park." I'll let you use your imagination about what that one is about ...


On the Meadowbrook parkway, there are many spots where troopers hide:

at exit M1 Northbound on the grassy exit area and on exit M2 Southbond near the overpass where Zeckendorf Blvd passes the Meadowbrook State Parkway.

Just south of the Southern State, there is a large clearance between the road going in both directions hidden by some trees. Alert Nassau motorist Don reportst hat he has seen up to 6 state troopers at once here.

-A driver who wishes to remain anonymous writes 'between exits M7 and M9, I saw one trooper pulling over someone and another watching for speeders in this area. Also, south of exit M9-Merrick Road, I have seen troopers all over the place here at various different times of day. Either they hide at the turnaround or near the tall grasses/bushes, or behind the Norman J. Levy Park sign (northbound) I'm surprised this hasn't made your website yet given the level of enforcement I have seen here.


'The trap off of m4 is crazy. I pass by everyday and there are ayleast five trooper cars posted stopping everyone who passes by and looks inside the car. This happens at least once a week and there are never less than four cop cars.' says Alert Mototrist Henny.

NEW HYDE PARK@LIE (east bound)

Alert motorist Ted reportst that '...as you're passing the exit 34 New Hyde Park off ramp I have seen on several occasions a black Lake Success cruiser parked on the embankment hitting oncoming cars with laser. Have seen him there between 9:00 and 10:00 PM. Difficult to see him until on top of him since he hides just past the reach of the halogen street light.', sez Ted.

NEW HYDE PARK@LIE (west bound)

The sneaky Nassau Highway Patrol sit on the LIE westbound side, right between the entrance ramp from New Hyde Park Rd and the exit ramp to Community Drive. On the left side there is the beginning of an indent in the wall with a wide shoulder on the left side of the HOV lane. It is really hard to see them because the cruiser fits perfectly into the corner and the roof rack is hidden by overgrown shrubs in the divider. On the right side right across from the niche on the left, not only is there a patch of asphalt for the cruisers to sit on but there is a row of bushes to hide the car! You can only see the cruisers in both of these spots if you have really good eyes. Both locations have to be scanned simultaneously and all you can see of the cruiser in either spot is the very tip of the hood of the car!

-Thanks to alert motorist Stephanie, of Queens for this one.


Good Prosecutors - Tough Judge. This court is usually OK if you have a clean driving record, but they can also be quite harsh if you do not.


'There is a speed trap on Sunrise Hwy. (RTE 27) in the Oakdale/Great River area.  Just where Sunrise and Montauk Hwy. merge, there is always a cop hiding in the low lying grass median...' sez alert motorist John.


On Old Bethpage Rd. south of Old Country Rd, between the fork and the shopping center with the Old Bethpage Post Office. Speed limit is 30, but it's a nice wide road so really should be 35 or 40, which is the minimum that most people do.

Thanks to alert motorist, Gina who sent this one in.


Northern State Parkway & Post Ave Exit Right before Brush hollow rd exit. State Tropper always hiding, infact they have a permanent paved spot for police vehicles.

Thanks to alert motorist, Adnan who sent this one in.


Watch out for the Speed trap located on Route 25A in Oyster Bay (by Pinehollow Country Club) There is a NYS Inspection Check Point with Road Block. I am told the Oyster Bay speedtrap is actually "Oyster Bay Cove" police departments trap. The police work Berryhill Road and Cove road BIG time! Beware! Sent in anonymously.


This busy North Shore Town is crowded with LIRR commuters. Shore Road, which snakes through town along the coast, is the big speed trap. The unreasonably low speed limit changes frequently, so lots of tickets are issued here.
* Practice tip for attorneys: PWPD are one of the few Nassau Police departments that will always reply with a timely, complete, supporting deposition. They are very efficient. DK

Thanks to alert motorist, Alex who sent this one in.


From Throgs Neck Bridge to CLEARVIEW EXPRESSWAY
Hillside North and Southbound there are always UNMARKED units under bridges. Also at 164 STREET between LIE and 48 AVE in the KISSENA PARK GOLF COURSE all the time every day. Sent anonymously by 'Jr...'


"...The Quogue Village Police Department is exellent, but they are bunch of a**holes when it comes to speeding. Usually most people take Scrub Oak Road into the Village or Montauk Highway. On Scrub Oak they tend to hide out behind some bushes at the intersection of Meeting House Lane. On Montauk Highway they tend to hide at the corner of Jessup Avenue at the gas station. Unfortunately the Court shows no mercy, I know people who have gone 5 MPH over the speed limit and got a $150 fine." (thanks to Dan the avid traveler for this one.)

Quogue has advanced radar, impounded my car, though down the block.. could have drove there and parked but let me off fairly with no points when they saw my policy in effect 24 hour difference, and a changed po box back then. But.............. while in the squad car... the officer showed me the dash board. each car that passed. nothing then a few cars passed and a light was circled around their plates!!! there were a few just like me.. very advanced plate checking software in the village of quogue. Thank You Tracy


This Court is pretty strict.


When you are heading out to the Hamptons on Route 27, there is a point where "civilization" ends and the lush rolling green hills become hypnotic. Dont be lulled into it. The troopers love to lurk far back off the road where you can't see them until its too late. The troopers and the Southampton Police Department are experts in hiding behind the turns, dips and rises in the road. Lesson: Don't speed around anything called "Hampton" - If you have to race like a madman out to your place in the Hamptons, maybe it's not worth it after all? Good court though. Call my office - we can almost always help you here.

In addition to the TOWN COURT, (recently relocated from the basement of Southampton Town Hall to JACKSON AVE in HAMPTON BAYS) there is a VILLAGE COURT on WINDMILL LANE in Southampton Village, so READ YOUR SUMMONS ADDRESS CAREFULLY!


First, remember that SUNY has its own full-time cops, so observe all traffic laws while driving on campus!

RACING IS A BIG PROBLEM HERE. Nichols Road - Route 97 - has long been known as something of a drag strip for Stony Brook students. Even though there are lights on the road, the long stretches of road make you wanna open the throttle and fly up the 7 mile strip to the SUNY campus. If you drive a hot car, you are in for a REAL surprise! The cops conduct regular STINGS in this area!

That dude in the hot rod who just rolled up next to you and guns his engine like he wants to race is a cop. He may even roll down the windows and talk you into it, but as soon as you start your race, you will be SWARMED by marked police units. You will be arrested and detained. Don't do it!


- SUNRISE HIGHWAY (Route 27) westbound, just after exit 49. There's an overpass that obscures your vision. A marked car will hide on the dirt to the side of the shoulder.

Thanks to alert motorist, Scott, who sent this one in.


- Sunrise Highway, Route 27 Eastbound right after Exit 58 William Floyd Parkway. About a 1/2 – 1 mile after you pass the exit there is a gravel entrance to the right which has several trailers in a parking lot that the town workers use. There is almost always a cop hiding in this gravel parking lot behind trees. If you’re lucky he has his parking lights on, otherwise he’s hiding in the dark usually after 7 at night.

Alert Motorist Tara sez "He [is usually] there [at] night at between 6pm and 7pm... I see him about 10 times a month...


- Sunrise/Route 27 Eastbound right before Exit 58 - William Floyd Parkway - there is a large median filled with trees. The cops hide inside the median in between the trees and come racing out after you. You can see them using radar here.

Thanks to alert motorist, Tara, who sent the last two in.

WESTBURY@LIE (west bound)

Alert motorist Ted reportst that '...as you're passing the Jericho Tpke, exit 40 on ramp, there is usually a Nassau county cruiser parked on the shoulder of the on ramp, hiding behind the tall concrete sound barrier. He seems to be using a laser and clocking cars as they pass from behind. My Valentine 1 radar detector never goes off, so I do not think he's using radar.', sez Ted

WESTBURY VILLAGE (not to be confused with Old Westbury)

This court has improved tremendously with their new prosecutor. The weird multi-party conferences are gone, along with many of their unreasonable policies. This is a hugely important and welcome development!


Tracy writes: friend in his 50s no tickets, ticketed for not yielding to pedestrian though across the street. Very serious about village stollers right of way. Good when its you! lol. Good to hear, Tracy - pedestrian deaths are a serious issue - I have done more fatality hearings over the years than I care to remember. The pedestrian has the right of way in each and every situation! - DK

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