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Synopsis:If I have to tell you about the plot of the musical...you have no business bein on this page...I'll keep it short, the ship sinks.

Review:I saw this show after all the hype because I was intregued by the huge chorus number that was produced on the Tony awards presentation. I went up to NY to see 3 shows in 2 days with some friends and seing Titanic was first on our collective lists.

As the show started I found there was a lot of exposition...the loading of the massive cargo...the introduction of characters, etc. The part of this that bothered me besides not being terribly interesting, was that it was entirly in unison. I am a big fan of harmony and by the time "Godspeed Titanic" came about, I was itching for some harmony, which the powerful tune provided. It was after that number that the show picked up for me. Barret's coal room song was particularly memorable. Unfortunatly, I think that for most of the first act I was waitinng for the inevitable..shinking of the great ship. And then when it came, the stage grew dark, no characters could be seen, yes they're getting ready for a big special effect...and then this..little itty bitty ship comes out and hits an iceburg (the audience actually claped, I snickered).

Act 2 was much move moving and went by faster. There was finally some melodrama between some characters (Barret giving up his seat to save another ((and especially between Mr. and Mrs. Strauss)) It was this swet duet that got t the hearts of most and drew the audience in. Then the ship begins to sink, the stage slowly moving closer and closer to peril until furniture starts to move and pianos crash...

Obviously not a happy ending. But dramitic, yes.

Oh, one more thing that I failed to mention, the sets. Very Simplistic, I didn't care for them at all. They were solid colors with no texture and life.

Once I got over the lack of harmony, I enjoyed the show, sometimes.

Review: 3 1/2 out of 10


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