Jekyll & Hyde

Date seen: June 9th, 1997 (matinee)

Understudies seen:

Plot Synopsis: Basically the attemps of Dr. Henry Jekyll to create a formula to control the darker halves that we all possses and it all goes wrong.

Characters:Jekyll (Robert Cuccioli) the scientist.

Emma(Christina Noll) (formally Lisa if you saw the tour) is Jekyll's love interest.

Lucy (Lina Eder)is a prositiute type character that Hyde falls in....lust with

Utterson (_________) is Jekyll's best friend.


I have a long history with this show and I will explain that later so I had many preconcieved notions about what the show would be on broadway...

The set was simplistic...the special effects lacked...I thoroughly was disgusted with Robert Cuccioli...but I can't tell you that it was a bad show.

There is so much beautiful music in this show, it derserves more attention than it is getting in this current production. I first saw this show on tour in Hershey, PA (you know, where the chocolate comes from) and absolutely loved it. Fell head over heels for it. Before I left the theatre I had the T-shirt, and the studio recording.

I eagerly awaited the broadway opening only to be disappointed with how it turned out...simplfied sets, many cuts in the music (including one of the best #'s in the show, I need to know, and Bring on the Men ((which was Linda's favorite)) many more harmonies were added and soem were good and some were not. The plot was altered to add Jekyll's dying father, which I did like becaue it brough the reason for Jekyll's obsession more into focus.

The only 3 things that stayed the same from the tour to broadway...

1. Linda Eder's performance (why no Tony?!?!?)

2. Cristina Noll - need I say more than the duet in the second act In his my opinion the best new duet written in this decade (arguably)

3. Robert Cuccioli - how can I say this without totally shooting a man making a lot of money to do something that I have not done yet...I disliked his performance a lot! The Jekyll that he portrayed was a big wuss, whining at every turn, never ending. He did get better as Hyde though. And then to top it off, the way he bowed. He looked so cocky that I wasnted to retch. I stood for Linda, but sat right back down after Bob came out. I can't wait until he leaves.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful show that is going in the wrong direction. I saw some room for improvement on tour, but my expectations we not fuffilled. It is difficult for me to rate this one...


3 1/2 out of 10


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