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A great list of breeders
Enchantment Farms, where Iím from!
Scruffy's Yorkshire Terriers Breeder/Owner/Handler
Sooshine Yorkshire Terriers
Tinker Toy Yorkshire Terriers
Primrose Yorkshire Terriers

Carney, a real great friend!
Shooter a real great Yorkie!
Lacy, a great example of how great we female yorkies are!
Kerneels a Yorkie living in sunny South Africa.
Her Royal "Pupchess" Fergie!
Malibu's Surfing Yorkie
Flossie The Yorkie
YorkieLand, the coolest yorkie land there is!
Sweetie's Yorkie Homepage
Famous Boo's Home Page
Magic's Homepage
A tribute to Jessie
Fancy, Pookie, and Gizmo's Site of Puppy Love
Chloe and Pugslees Page, two aussie dogs!

A Great list of Yorkie Clubs!
Yorkshire Terrier - Dog Clubs
Chloe and Pugslees Page, two aussie dogs!

A Great List of Rescue Clubs
Yorkshire Terrier Club Of America, Inc.

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