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Chloe HI! Im Chloe the yorkie, Welcome to my site!
I'm a 4.2 lb. female pup, originally from Montana, USA, whose now 1 year old.
I now live in NYC, where I see Macys and Gap at every corner. Please Enjoy my site and I hope you get to find what your looking for!

Where Your Everyday life is a twist of fate -Chloe

All About Me!
Favorite Bud: Sadee!
Favorite Toy: Snuggles my bunny, and my pull-toy.
Favorite Treat: Cheese and dried liver mixed
Favorite Food: ChIcKeN!
Favorite Travel: CARS! the view is great!
Favorite Person: Caroline and David, he smells like cookies.
Birthday: Sept. 21, 1997
Hobbies: Running around the house throwing around my bunny, hiding all the shoes, barking at music and sleeping.
Abilities: To obbey commands, and make my own bed out of toys.
Likes: Jumping around in high grass, and playing with my best bud Sadee the Lab.
Dislikes: The scent of gap perfume and Time the gerbil.
Vocab: Bark out the words to Brainstew.
BIGGEST fear: Caroline soccer ball! its bigger than me and its faster!


Still Im sorry for not working on the site, ive been so busy lately, but im back, and im going to update the site, fix up the links and also double check Chloes mail, some mail we have been recieving hasnt been all too clear. Still, I apologize. - Chloe and Caroline

Please for your sake, and our hearts, take care of your loved ones, both animal and human. New Years is a dangerous time, there are many harms out there, and many more things for doggies to check out, even that of drunk drivers car, or to even be taken away. PLEASE keep a close eye out for your animals :)
hey send us letters about your animals, were soon planning of having a posting area, to publisize your animal site, or just tell the world about your site!

What else can we say except to please send us your links, of animal care, animal sites etc, we love to work on our site, and we love it even more with YOUR support!


Origin: Yorkshire, England
Height: 8-9 in
Weight: 7 lbs
Color: steel blue on the body and tail, tan everywhere else
Uses: companion dog
Temperament: spirited, stubborn, courageous

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Go on! We know you want to rub my belly!

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