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Welcome to our reunion page!

MEXMAT Moscow University alumni 1971 reunion

June 1996, Pocono, PA, USA

Liberman Nikolay, Kushnir Misha, Nuzinson Leonid, Kushnir (Volfman) Inna, Kerchman Vladimir, Brin (Krasnokutskaya) Genia, Zayler (Vainshtein) Sofa, Elaun Vitaliy, Kokutova (El'kind-Fred) Khana, Gorlin Andrey, Epstein Leonid, Vingardt Petr, Futer Aron, Shekhtman Zor, Levitin Maria, Kiryankova (Bronstein) Anna, Mintz (Dain) Rita, Karasik Jozeph, Rozenberg Ira, Zuzin Yura, Ryaboy Vyacheslav, Skaletskiy Vladimir, Garstein Aron, Skaletskaya(Kvasha)Elena, Shilmover Alex, Gozman Naum, Kiryankov Vladimir, Zayler Vitaliy, Borovskiy Yakov


Greetings from the Western Hemisphere!!!

In the spirit of global warming and wide influence of mathematics on the existence of human beings, we, graduates from the Moscow University of 1971, citizens of different countries but subjects of the same kingdom of Universal Knowledge, conducted a reunion party in the heart of Pocono Mountains near New York on June 8, 1996.

There were 29 graduates which amounted to a crowd of about 50 people counting their wives, husbands and children. We were drinking beer, wine and other evil spirits, showed photographs, made a group picture of ourselves (with and without families). talked far beyond midnight and slept beyond breakfast.

Let us admit it, we are older than we used to be 25 years ago. But, again, wiser too. And, as you know, age is a price of wisdom. So, let us rejoice that we are still on the cutting edge of the world of progress and that we can turn this world to the direction we think it should go.

So, let us not forget, that politicians are coming and going but the foundation of the kingdom of Universal Knowledge is forever and we are the ones who build upon it floors after floors. Let us not forget that ties between us stronger than the barriers that divide us. Let us not forget Internet.


Above and beyond everything, it was a real joy to see each other after many years. Some of us maintained the contact before this meeting, some new contacts will be maintained in the future. It was definitely worth an effort and we wish you enjoy your reunion party as well.

On behalf of the graduates from the West,

Zor Shekhtman


We found about 60 our classmates in the USA and Canada and 20 in Israel.

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Yakov Borovskiy