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MEX-MAT-71 Shop at Cafe Press

Instructions to order merchandize with MEX-MAT logo at MEX-MAT-71 Shop:
  • Go to Mex-Mat Shop:
  • Select design on the left (there are three different sizes and many colors of MexMat logo; small designs are positioned not in a center of a T-shirt but on the left side, as a medal; medium and large designs are positioned in the center; there are two white designs, small and medium, which appear like empty white squares, you can try them on a dark background)
  • Select "Women's" or "Accessories", or "Gifts" etc. from the top menu items
  • Select product and style on the right side of a screen
  • Select color and size under the picture (applicable to T-shirts and similar items)
  • Add to cart
  • When finish shopping go to checkout
  • Enter One of these Promo code for discount (some of them may expire):
    • Save 20% off your entire order use code: TWENTY, this offer ends 06/15/2011!
  • If you find a new promo code, please send me an email

MEX-MAT-71 Shop was designed by Zor Shekhtman with help of Peter Vingardt.

Feel free to send any suggestions, questions or exclamations:
Yakov Borovskiy

[Yakov Borovskiy's WWW] [Moscow University MEX-MAT-71 Reunion 1996] [Moscow State University]
Yakov Borovskiy