Random Act of Kindness of the Month

November 2001


Hacienda Heights Elementary
Drina Hernandez
Teacher - Kindergarten

This month's act of kindness goes out to one special boy. His name is Jose. He is always willing to help others and always has a smile on his face as he is helping. He is always eager to learn and radiates that love of learning to his peers. He helps his peers read and write and he is always the first one willing to help me when needed.


Titahi Bay North School
Kathryn Pierre
Deputy Principal
Room 6

      I'd like to nominate my whole class for their concerns for the people of NY and America in the recent terrorist attacks. They all wrote a letter to our local member of parliament expressing their sadness and concerns for the future. I am proud that they were able to think of others and show concern for them in this way.



P.S. 279
Cindy Forkowitz
Teacher-Instructional Technology

     For my November nominee, I have selected Jamaal Davis. Last week I was returning from a meeting at another school. My arms were full of papers and packages that were falling all over the school lunchroom as I walked. Though several adults saw my plight, it was a student, Jamaal, who was the only person in a crowded room to offer assistance. He stopped what he was doing to come to my aid. Thank you Jamaal for seeing a need and always being willing to help!


Lancaster Elementary
Patricia Fourzan-Peña
Teacher - 4th grade

     My student with discipline problems has had a change in his behavior. Previously, I had tried all possible means to correct his behavior; I tried creating a student-teacher contract and constant verbal praise. His behavior improved for a while but did not last long. Recently, his behavior has changed dramatically. I have appreciation certificates which students can use at any time they want. One of my low students obtained one of these certificates and gave it to my (behavior) student. This peer praise had a positive effect on his behavior. My low student thanked him for his help in a spelling test. I will try to encourage students to use them among themselves.


LeBarron Park Elementary
Elizabeth Hannah
Teacher - grade 6

     The winners for this month in my 6th grade class were a group of students that gave a baby shower for their fifth grade teacher. They planned it and made all of the decorations and refreshments themselves. On the day of the shower they left my class at 11:00 o'clock while the teacher was at lunch and decorated her classroom. When the teacher came back from lunch they yelled Surprise! She was very happy and the students felt very good about themselves.

P.S. 279
Rosalie Pallante
Teacher - grade 2
     Kareen Eustache in Astral 3-204 performed a random act of kindness during the week of October 8th. Each day she packed her classmate's bookbag while her classmate was busy doing her job of washing the board. Kareen was not asked to do this, but freely chose to help out a friend.


Poplar Road Elementary
Menlia Trammell
Teacher - grades K-5

     Poplar Road Elementary has been observing National Kids Care Week October 22-26, and all classes have been deciding on acts of kindness projects for the week, month, or year. Projects such as adopting a family for Christmas, participating in Operation Christmas Child, adopting a nursing home for the year's sharing of art work, establishing pen pals, collecting the dollars for Afghan children, and corresponding with our military personnel have been submitted by classes. One first grade young man, though, on his own wrote the president and offered his money that he asked for instead of birthday presents. He presently has $68 to send. He is Jake A.

P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab
     I'm happy to say I have two nominees this month to honor. When class 4-A309 was leaving the lab Ashley noticed many of her classmates left their belongings behind. She stayed to collect their things and proceeded to shut down the machines for those who forgot. When Nicholas saw what Ashley was doing he took the initiative to follow her lead. Thanks to their kind deed the classmates of Ashley and Nicholas have their belongings and I had a lab ready for the next class. A double good deed from a dynamic duo!


 SeaView School
Gail Henderson
Teacher - grade 4/5 class


      Calvin is our Random act of Kindness honoree for this month. He invited the grade 4/5 girls to join the boys in playing touch football at recess and lunch. The girls have enjoyed the opportunity to play and everyone is having a good time.


Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music
     Joey is a fifth grader at the Steele School. He is a pint-sized genius who is friends with everybody! Joey is also an outstanding student, musician, and soccer player! During lunch, Joey gives up his recess and serves as lunch monitor for the primary grades. He is always willing to unwrap a peanut butter sandwich, open chocolate milk, or escort a rugrat to the bathroom! With terrific leadership qualities and a superb personality, Joey is sure to go far!


Union Avenue School
Sandra LeVan
Teacher - Grade 2

     Our November honorees are Brianna, Michael, and Sydney. Brianna helped her brother clean his room! She cleaned his desk, made his bed, and cleaned his closet. Michael helped his family with the laundry. He folded the clean clothes, put them in the basket and carried them to the right rooms. Sydney helped out by vacuuming the house for her family. With the help of her dad, she even moved a table and cleaned underneath. Our honorees all did wonderful things to help others. We can't wait for December!


 School 6
Ellen Steiner
Teacher - ESL K-5
     Our honoree for November is a sweet, kindergartner from Brazil. He is always lending a helping hand in the classroom. There is never a mess when RVK is around because he loves to help me! If it weren't for RVK, I wouldn't be able to find all of my papers! He deserves plenty of happy notes, and he never forgets to say, "You have a nice day!"


Parkland Middle School
Cheryl Salles
Teacher - grade 8

     Cynthia Q. is an inspiration to other students at Parkland Middle School in El Paso, Texas. She helps teachers and her fellow students through her acts of kindness. She recently risked being late for class when asked by the school security guard to take a backpack, left on the basketball court at lunch, to the lost and found. Cynthia did this cheerfully, just to help out a fellow student. Thank you, Cynthia!


Eugene Field School
Terry Smith
Teacher - Grade 4

     Today when my class learned that we were getting a new student tomorrow, Dominique volunteered to give the new student a spiral notebook (for a Reading Journal), and two folders for science and math folders. This was so unselfish and helpful that I thought he deserved the Random Act of Kindness of the Month honor for November!


LeBarron Park Elementary
Angie Tiscareno
Teacher - kindergarten

     On the day when President Bush asked everyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance together this month, our school did the pledge and then proceeded to play the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless the USA. One of my little kindergarten girls got very emotional about this and started to cry quietly. One little boy in my class, without saying a word, went up to her and put his arms around her to console her. It was a very moving moment as this little boy is not usually this kind and understanding. Only later did the little girl let us know that she has relatives serving in the armed forces and that she had felt like crying.