Random Act of Kindness of the Month

February 2001


Union School
Merry Barbire,
Teacher - grade 7

There is a student in the 7th grade at Union School who is a very kind person. Just the other day Stephany did a wonderful act. While most seventh graders were rushing out the door at the end of the day, Stephany took the time to put up her chair in homeroom and then put up her friend Sara's chair too! Hey, now that is a good friend! We are lucky to have such a good person in Union School. Thanks Stephany!


Sea View School
Gail Henderson

Grade 3/4/5  

Andrew is a caring, helpful student. He often helps a classmate with Down's Syndrome. Andrew helps him with art, everyday tasks, and while on the playground. Bryan feels included and happy. Way to go, Andrew!


School No. 6
Ellen Mandel-Steiner
Teacher - ESL K-5

She hails from Yugoslavia, and has a winning smile and manner. Whenever, I need a kindergarten helper, KM is always the first person to raise her hand. "I'll help you Mrs. Steiner!" she says with great enthusiasm. KM loves helping with class chores such as passing out papers, pencils, and books. She is a sweet, cooperative little lady who knows all her colors, numbers, letters and days of the week. She always brightens up my classroom.

P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher - grade 3

My recipient for this month's Random Act of Kindness Award goes to a very special woman...Mrs. Elizabeth Lyons. Mrs. Lyons is our para, but more importantly my friend. Last month, I had surgery and was out for more than a month. Without Mrs. Lyons' help the class would not have survived. She was there to assist the substitute and at times take over the class. No one had to ask her. She is a true professional.
Mrs. Lyons keeps our classroom run like a fine tuned car. She is my right arm and is always around to help everyone. No matter what she is asked to do, she does it without raising an eyebrow. I am truly grateful to her as are the children.
Class 3-208 is fortunate to have such a caring, understanding, and sympathetic person as Mrs. Lyons.






J. C. Solmonese Elementary School
Wendy Quinlan
Teacher - Technology - grades 1-3

Alison really deserves recognition for "Random Acts of Kindness" says Mrs. Scott, a second grade teacher. We give stars and Alison has earned 3 and filled all of them with extra stars for acts of kindness. She also saved some of her own money and gave it to me to give to the school to "help us so we wouldn't have to work so hard." She is an awesome student and really deserves this recognition.
Kevin, a second grader, has been best friends with Miss Terri A. since the field trip last fall. They are both always kind and friendly to each other. When Kevin lost a tooth recently he left his tooth in school. The next day he found several gifts left by the Tooth Fairy. Should we call Miss A "Tooth Fairy Terri"?

Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music
  Max is a fourth grader at the Milburn School. He is a brilliant musician, talented actor, and an excellent student. Max serves as a peer mediator for a program called "Peer Mediation." Students can come twice a week during lunchtime to speak to Max or another mediator trained by the school psychologist about any problems or concerns the student has. Max is fully committed to the project and he is an inspiration to us all!





P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

Due to some carelessness there has been a few instances of money lost in my classroom that I wasn't even aware of. Thanks to the actions of some very special students this story has a happy ending! On different days Adler Bruno, Andrew Kellier and Nzingha Farrell found money. In each instance the child immediately brought the money to me. With the kindness of these honest individuals others didn't have to go without buying their ice cream at lunch. Way to go!


P.S. 279
Ronnie Falkowitz
Teacher - grade 5
The person that deserves the Random Act of Kindness Award in our fifth grade class is Janelle Lambert. Janelle is always helping out her peers and teachers, she rarely has to be asked! Janelle is a delight to have in the class. Keep up the good work Janelle, you are well deserving of this award!