January 2004

Random Act of Kindness of the Month

January 2004




St. Thomas Aquinas School
Celeste Davis
Teacher - grade 4

         The student selected from the fourth grade at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fairfield, Connecticut for December is Bridget Hughes.  Bridget is a quiet, serious student who often does things around the classroom just because they need to be done.  Bridget will often straighten out the bookcases not because she was asked to or because its her job for the week, she does it because she noticed that it needed to be done.  Bridget is very aware of her surroundings.  She has a vast knowledge of nature and science and she loves to share what she knows with our class.  We are all glad that she is part of the 4-1 community.


Palmerston Public School  

Marcia Williamson
Teacher - Grade 2

         Leah is our nominee this month because she is kind to others. She helped Hayley when she got hurt. She helped Nina clean her desk and she helped Jhenelle do her work. She is a good friend. She plays with others when they feel lonely. And she always has a smile to brighten our day.



Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg

Teacher - Music

Karianne is in fifth grade,
At Milburn School- an impact she's made!
Since the season's a time to give,
She brought the holidays where the elderly live!
As our Student Council President,
She collected gifts for every nursing home resident!
Every morning she counted each gift,
Knowing it would give all 170 people a lift!
She cares for the old, for the sick and the blindness,
We salute Karianne for her random acts of kindness!


 P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

         My honoree for the Random Act of Kindness this month goes to a first grader in class 1-104. While I was teaching the class one day Miss Barbara entered. She came to give a prize to one of the children for their lunchroom behavior. She brought several pencils in so the child could choose. After she left we continued what we were doing when DaShelia came up to me with a pencil. She said Miss Barbara must have dropped it. I thought this was such an honest and thoughtful thing for a child to do. We are all very proud of you DaShelia!


Alton R-IV Elementary School
Julie R. Thompson
3rd Grade eMINTS Teacher

         The Random Acts of  Kindness student for the month December is Channing.  Channing volunteers to read with others.  He also volunteers to help students with their homework if they have been absent.  We are proud of all that he lends to making our classroom a wonderful place for learning.
Congratulations Channing!   


Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Caskey
Teacher - grade 2

         Our Random Act of Kindness honoree is Olivia. Some of the children had forgotten to bring in their supplies for holiday projects and Olivia offered to give her supplies to anyone in need. She declared that she had "enough good things" at Christmas and wanted to brighten someone else's holiday. Thanks for showing us the true meaning of the holidays, Olivia.


Eagle's Aerie School
Mike Hart
Teacher - grade 5

         I'd like to nominate Hannah Johnson from my class. Hannah goes the extra mile in everything she does. When Hannah was assigned to a group for a science project, some kids did not do their fair share, and Hannah made up the difference herself so the report would be good. Hannah has completed every extra credit assignment this year, and her personal behavior is great. She looks every person in the eye she talks to, really listens to them, and is courteous and thoughtful. Thanks Hannah!