Random Act of Kindness of the Month

January 2002


P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert & Rosalie Pallante
Staff Developers - Project READ

       Darrien H. from Class 3-A325 was seen cleaning up the lunchroom during Project Read snack. He did this on his own without being asked. With Darrien's help, the lunchroom is now ready for the next day's children. How thankful they will be and so are we! Congratulations on a "job" well done!!


Titahi Bay North School
Kathryn Pierre
Deputy Principal
Room 6

       Room 6 is proud to have nominated Letitia for January's Kindness Award. Not only does she play with many children in the playground but she has also been overheard saying pleasant things to them. She has been one of our monitors this year who help others work through their problems. She has been doing a fantastic job in this area… I know her new teacher next year will really enjoy having someone in the classroom like Letitia. I certainly have, she has been a real joy!
Well done, Tesh! Happy holidays!



Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Fauci
Teacher-grade 2

       Our month's honoree is Darius of class 201. Darius was having a rough year and has worked hard to turn himself into a great citizen of this school. He learned that it is never too late to start being a caring, sensitive and good friend.


P.S. 279
John Viverito

        We are very proud of Charlton Nieves of class 2-205. He found a gift outside that one of the teachers bought for her class. Charlton was very honest and turned it in so that Mrs. Kahn's children were able to have their holiday presents. Charlton definitely turned out to be Santa Claus for those children. What a wonderful act of kindness!


Poplar Road Elementary
Menlia Trammell
Teacher - grades K-5

       So many classes have shown the true spirit of giving. Mrs. Connor's fourth grade class is collecting a list of items for the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta since our whole school collects tabs for them; another class or two have adopted a family and collected money to buy toys and turkeys for their Christmas, and a little first grade child wrapped one of her own little well used tiger beanie babies to gift the counselor Mrs. Trammell as a thank you and something to share with sad children.

Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music
       Brittney is a fifth grader at the Steele School. She is always in a terrific mood and willing to work hard! On Wednesdays throughout December, Brittney volunteered to give up her recess and help third graders practice and memorize their concert music. At first, Brittney's talents and energy came in handy as she modeled and performed the challenging concert music for them. As we got closer to the concert, Brittney made sure that every student was prepared for our big day! Brava Brittney!


 School 6
Ellen Steiner
Teacher - ESL K-5

        Meisha deserves plenty of praise this month. I teach second and third graders in reading and math after school. In the beginning, Meisha had difficulty following classroom rules and procedures, but as time went on, I noticed a dramatic change. She became the class leader and helper. She has helped the second graders with classwork, as well as shared stories and essays with the class. Just the other day, she came up to me and said, "I enjoy the afterschool program because I get to help the teacher and students. " I think she would make an excellent teacher when she grows up!


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

        My nominee is a very special young man in Alert 2-203. Whenever Kevin is in the lab he does his work, but he's also always ready to help those in need. He never fails to be my second pair of hands and eyes so the rest of the children don't have to wait for me. He is truly a wonderful helper to his classmates and his teachers. He even stops to help set up the lab for the next class on his way out. He is definitely an example for all students to follow!


Feltonville Elementary
Cathleen Conner
Teacher - grade 1

        This month's nominee is Alexander Cartagena. Alex is a very kind person to his classmates. He always smiles and volunteers to help out in the classroom. As I was leaving for Christmas break, Alex saw that I had quite a few packages to carry to my car. He volunteered to help me to my car rather than go right home. He said "Miss Conner I'll help you because that's what friends are for. We help each other out." What a joy to see someone so happy just to help another person.