December 2002

Random Act of Kindness of the Month

December 2002

Alton Elementary School
Julie Thompson
Teacher - grade 3
        Jessica is our November nominee. She has developed a special relationship with an elderly neighbor. She helps with chores or tends to other needs of her very special friend. She has written stories of her experiences with this neighbor and shared them during author's chair. Jessica says that sometimes she "just sits and talks" to her neighbor. By doing so, she demonstrates the exceptional characteristics of empathy and kindness. Jessica exhibits this same kindness to all of those she encounters.


Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Caskey
Teacher - grade 2

        Our honoree for this month is Algeria. Algeria has a pure heart of gold and is the most giving child I have ever taught. She is a great friend to everyone in our second grade class!


Brushy Creek Elementary
Cindy Clementson
Teacher - Grade 3

        Austin is an all-around nice guy. He shares things with his classmates. He is a good friend to have. He is a wonderful student! WAY TO GO, AUSTIN!!!





Southwest Accelerated Elementary
Ruth Kem
Teacher - Grade 4

        These are Mrs. Kem's class winners of the Random Acts of Kindness for December.
Classmates said that these students are nice, helpful, don't argue with others, and follow the Six Pillars of Character. We are proud of these students!


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

        I would like to nominate my computer classes that made holiday cards for veterans as this month's Random Act of Kindness honorees. The cards will be distributed to veterans and their families around the country and the world. These children not only created their cards, but also composed special messages to greet their recipients. I'm sure the people who receive these cards will have a holiday to remember!
If you would like to participate too, go to the
NCOA website and click on:
America's Children for America's Heroes Program
Congratulations to all of my 279 honorees. I'm so proud of each and everyone of you!


P.S. 279
Rosalie Azzopardi
Teacher - grade 3

        This month's Random Act of Kindness award goes to Derian Mayers of Astral 3-204. Not only did Derian show kindness to others, he also showed the importance of safety. The lunchroom door kept closing and Derian was the only one who took the time to hold the door while everyone walked in.


Southwest Elementary
Amanda McCutchen
Teacher - Grade 4

        We nominate Lani Klosterman and Curt Davis. We nominated Lani because she is real nice and she helps everybody. She is a good teacher when you need help. She has been wonderful since Kindergarten. At school, Lani always follows the six pillars of character.
        We nominate Curt Davis because he also follows the six pillars of character. He always turns in his homework, and will help you if you are stuck on something. We like Curt because he is nice and smart.




Southwest Elementary
Kristin Clark
Teacher - Grade 4

        Students from our class nominated Alyssa and had these wonderful things to say about her:
"Alyssa is always there when we need her and she always shows the Six Pillars of Character."
"She is kind and courteous. She helps you when you are down and is very kind and helpful to the new people."



Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - Music

         Jenna is a fifth grader at the Steele School. Not only did she participate in the Thanksgiving food drive but she also tutors third grade students with their two extra concert songs. Jenna serves as a musical leader and is looking forward to the holiday concert! We thank Jenna for lending her time and support!