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Random Act of Kindness of the Month

October 2004


P.S. 279
Rosalie Azzopardi
Teacher - Grade 3
        This month the Random Act of Kindness award goes to Nadim Saqui of class Astral 3-204. He saw a chair that fell over and knew it would be a dangerous situation, so he quickly picked it up when he entered his classroom before any of the other children came in. We should all try to be safe!

St. Thomas Aquinas School
Celeste Davis
Teacher - grade 4

        The student chosen for the month of September 2004 at St. Thomas Aquinas who exhibited Random Acts of Kindess is Jennifer Vazquez. Jennifer comes to school with a smile on her face and it stays with her for the entire day. She is a good friend to everyone in the class. She often helps other students without being asked. Her sunny disposition rubs off on other students. I am so glad she is part of our classroom family.



Shirley Middle School
Roberta Aikey
Teacher - Grade 5

        Our very first student of the month to be celebrated for showing kindness in an extraordinary way is Patrick, from the 5th grade. Patrick's homeroom teacher reported that Patrick has, on many occasions, offered to help other students with unlocking their lockers. Patrick shared his locker opening ability without being asked! Also, on his own, he gave another student one of his hand-made necklaces. Finally, the school nurse reports that one day she was walking down the hall struggling with an arm-load of supplies. Patrick was quite a distance in front of her. However, as he opened the door, he noticed that the nurse was approaching and her arms were full. Patrick waited patiently and courteously for her to arrive at the door, and without being asked, held the door open for her. What a thoughtful and considerate student!!!! Patrick makes this school a kinder place!!!


 P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

         I would like to nominate a kindergarten child for my first Random Act of Kindness of the Month award. N'bushe, of K-A124, showed that size or age doesn't matter when it comes to being kind. We learned how to use a new program and the children were exploring it. N'bushe asked me for help with one activity. When I came back to check on her progress she was busy teaching the activity to the child next to her. Not only did she master the skill, but also she used her computer time so her classmate could do it too! What a wonderful example N'bushe has set for all of us!

T.J. Watson Sr. Elementary
Patty Doane
Teacher - Kindergarten

        Jessica starts everyday with a big, bright smile and a warm "hello." As a kindergarten teacher that act alone would be enough to get me through the sometimes long, always hectic first weeks of kindergarten!
      Jessica's acts of kindness have gone beyond the morning welcome. She seems to sense the anxiety and nervousness of her classmates and jumps into help them even before I ask. She's already offered her lunch money to a child who left their lunch on the bus, given the "coveted" job of "line leader" to another student in class and helped several children walk to their buses.
       We will be learning a lot of "things" in kindergarten, but it's wonderful to know that Jessica has already learned how to be kind.


Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Caskey
Teacher - grade 4

        Our Random Act of Kindness Honoree is Alix. Alix was in my class when I taught second grade and is once again in my class as a fourth grader. We have two autistic children mainstreamed into our class and it is unbelievable how helpful she is to them, even if it is just to help organize their binders each afternoon before they head back to their classroom.


Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - Music

        It's the most wonderful time of the year! It is already the fourth week of Steele School and Kyle is being recognized for being such an outstanding leader and student! Our drama club is about to begin and Kyle with his friends has been spending their recess encouraging other students on the playground to join drama club and participate in the school play. Kyle's wonderful advertising has generated a lot of interest and hype for this special project. Kyle should definitely take his bow both onstage and off!


Caroline Middle School
Sharon Waskiewicz
Teacher - 6th grade Reading & Language Arts

        I am honoring one student from each of my groups. First, Chandler Thomas. Chandler is being recognized by her peers because she is nice and helps everyone. She is a good friend to all.
         Second, Amber Kelly. Amber is being recognized by her peers because she has a very positive attitude and she is always willing to help people. She is a very kind person.
         Last is Kelsey Clements. Kelsey is being recognized by her peers because she is trustworthy and a good friend. She is kind and would be willing to help anyone anytime. She has picked up books for people when they drop them.