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Rev. Susan's Personal Story

My psychic ability is a God given gift that I was lucky enough to be born with, although I didn't see it as such until my early 20's. I had a past-life recall at the age of 3, which stayed with me until 5. I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming "It burns! I'm on fire! It burns!"...yet I was never burned by fire in this life!

At about 10 years old, I was walking home from church (I was always trying to find the "right" religion & the "right" church for answers), when I heard a voice speaking to me, a male voice. He was giving me all the answers to all my questions regarding God and religion. The information I received was astounding to me, and this male spirit to this day works with me and still answers me! But at that age I thought, "Yes, I understand this...but at what church do I find this?". I spent the next 19 years finding that religion that best fit the description given to me by my spirit guide, which has now been defined as Spiritualism. So I guess you could say that my background on my religion is truly "God given"!

I didn't really understand the inner workings of my ability for quite some time. I was told "there's no such thing as ghosts" or "it's just your imagination". Well, I knew I wasn't crazy!! Yet, in some ways, I believed I was...I was seeing ghosts, they were talking to me, I received premonitions...was this really sane?? After a while, I tried not to share my experiences with anyone. I didn't have many friends, and the ones I had I wanted to keep!

I became more verbal again when I was in my early 20's, which is when my transformation and understanding of the gift really started. I had a premonition about the place I was working at the time. My promonition showed me of a fire, and I was telling some of my co-workers about it; where the fire started, how it started, and where it would spread. When it came to be, the fire happened about two weeks after I saw it, and my co-workers just looked at me in fright and called me a witch!! I didn't start it...I just saw it going to happen! Most of my fellow workers at that point thought me "weird". Some used me as a walking Ouija-board, wanting me to identify the spirits of their house, and just using me for whatever reason. I felt alone, and scared. Yet, I knew the answers would come, but I didn't know when.

I guess my real journey began with the death of my father. I was receiving messages from spirit now and then, but when he passed over it really rocked my world. I loved my father dearly, and with his dying made me realize what we really have after "death". At that point in my life I had to believe....I had to have faith in God and spirit, and with my ability to communicate with spirit, now was the real test for me...are their really spirits, and if so...I would still have my father with me. So I opened my psychic channel for messages from my father, or from any spirit who would connect with me on a positive level; when you open up to spirit, you really should specify that only spirits of a positive, loving vibration may connect with you. It keeps out "unwanted" spirits. It happened, I received! I touched in on family that had passed, spirit guides and "spirits of the house"...wherever I lived. I raised my level of awareness and faith in God and spirit when my father finally made contact with me. It was emotional, yet comforting...and still is as he does pop in on me quite often!

When my mother passed 3 years later, that was a totally different psychic experience. She popped in on me immediately, actually touching in with me while she was comatose. When her physical body died, her soul was screaming at me, at my whole family, that she didn't want to die! She was visiting me every night. I could literally feel her sit on the end of my bed and I could actually hear her talk to me. She was the strongest spirit that I had ever touched in with, but she was my mother, so that would explain it! My mother loved to talk on the phone, and almost every night before I would see her, the phone would ring, and no one would be on the other end....dead air (no pun intended!). It was usually around 2 a.m. when it would happen. She hung around for about a month before she went to the light. It was certainly a pivot point for me in my psychic development!

It was at that point in my life I had accepted God and spirit and to work with my precious gift that I had received. I started doing tarot card readings, I worked with my spirit guides, I became closer to God. There was only one thing missing in my life at that point...LOVE! Unconditional, 'til death do us part, forever, soul mate kind of love. But where does a girl look for this? This spiritual girl turned to God to fill the task at hand. On Christmas eve in 1987 I wrote down all the qualities I was looking for in a man. I put the piece of paper (I went as far as cutting it into a heart shape) in a box, and wrapped it up in the prettiest paper I had. I put a big bow on it and a gift tag that said "To Susan, Love God" and put it under my Christmas tree. I then went on doing my normal business, knowing that this gift from God would soon arrive. It may not have shown up on Christmas day, but I knew that God would give me this gift. They say "timing is everything", and meeting my soul-mate was no exception!

I met Burt in October of 1989. Persistence and patience certainly paid off! He was my friend from the minute I met him, nothing more (so I thought!). We would talk about the men I was dating, and about his failing relationship he was in at the time. We enjoyed our talks, we helped each other out. It was one day that we were supposed to have lunch in early 1990; I was upset because yet another dating experience led me to a dead-end. I was crying, I thought I would never find "Mr. Right". I heard a knock on my door and when I opened it, there was Burt, arms opened wide...he came to give me a hug-o-gram and told me how wonderful I was, and that I would find my love soon. As I cried on his shoulder, I kept saying to him "why aren't there more guys like you out there?". We looked into each other's eyes, and we saw what we were looking each other!! The man whom I thought was just my friend, turned out to be my soul mate!
We have been in love forever...for lifetimes! He supported my psychic ability, although he thought I was a bit crazy at times! How could someone of sane mind talk to "thin air" and get a response back? It was when I spoke to his father who had passed away shortly before we met that made him a believer! I told him things I couldn't have possibly known! I also talked with his grandfather, who passed on in the early 1960's. Burt was convinced!
It has been with his love and support that I have developed and grown spiritually and psychically...and continue to do so.

Here I am with my hubby, my soul mate, Burt!

The journey continues... I went to many psychics for readings,to find the answers. They all told me the same thing..."you can do what I am doing"....BUT HOW? One of my favorite places to go is Lily Dale, a Spiritualist community (see link below) where anyone can go to learn more about spirits & psychic ability. The residents are all board-certified mediums who offer their services to the public. It was there that I had the most profound reading I ever received! Rev. Kitty was answering all my questions with clarity, and with such a warm loving manner that I felt like I was hugged by an angel!! It was this dear, sweet soul that referred me to my mentor, John. He was a God-send!! With love and understanding he explained what my abilities were and defining the 5 different ones I had:
  • CLAIRVOYANCE--seeing spirits & receiving messages
  • CLAIRAUDIENCE--hearing spirit voices
  • CLAIRVORANCE--tasting things that spirit wanted to be identified by
  • CLAIRSCENT--smelling fragrances (like flowers, vanilla, etc.)
  • CLAIRSENTIENCE--feeling other's emotions (spirit and people)
  • John took the mystery out of psychic ability. He explained that everyone is born with it but we just develop differently, and in our own time. Sometimes he pushed me to do things I thought I wasn't ready for, like giving readings and guidance to people other than my family times I went kicking and screaming, but I did it! I was doing readings. To learn more of my mentor, and of his teachings, please read his remembrance page. (see link below)

    Between John and Burt, I grew in leaps and bounds spiritually, and continue to do so. Before John passed into spirit, he honored us by ordaining Burt and I as Spiritual Ministers, for he knew that our life's work was dedicated to God and Spirit. John continues to work with me as he has shown me how close the spirit realm really is to our realm of is attainable for everyone!

    My work now consists of serving God and Spirit through my ministry and psychic readings. I offer the following services:


    For more information on my services, please contact me at my e-mail listed below.




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