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Bringing you the latest happenings on Mary-Kate and Ashley right here!

Happy Autumn
Can't believe summer is over and Autumn has just begun! Everyone is back to school and hopefully enjoying it. Mary-Kate and Ashley are 10th graders this year (sophmores)!

Crush Course Released
Mary-Kate and Ashley's newest video game has already been released on Playstation and Gameboy Color. If you're a game fan and also Mary-Kate and Ashley's fan, then you might like this game!

So Little Time Re-Runs
For people who get the Fox Family Channel in the US, you might have noticed that So Little Time have been on reruns these past two months. Not to worry because more new episodes are soon coming your way! Expect new ones to start airing perhaps early October. As a side note for Canadians, YTV has began airing episodes of So Little Time. The most awesome thing is that you are watching some episodes of So Little Time that have never aired in the US yet.

Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action
It's been promised for 2 or 3 years or so, but Mary-Kate and Ashley are finally going to be cartoon characters. The cartoon, "Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action", will premiere October 20th on ABC from 11:00-11:30a.m. After you catch the premiere, be sure to come back for more every Saturday, same time, same channel.

Full House Cast Back to Work
This is a little off-topic, but Mary-Kate and Ashley's co-stars John Stamos and Bob Saget from "Full House" are coming back to TV this season. John Stamos (Uncle Jesse on Full House) stars in the ABC series "Thieves" which airs Friday nights. Bob Saget (Danny Tanner aka the Dad on Full House) stars in the WB series "Raising Dad" and it will also air Friday nights at the same time as "Thieves".

Transmitted September 23, 2001

Crush Course
Another Mary-Kate and Ashley game is soon headed your way in time for the Holiday Season. The game title is called "Crush Course" and will be available on Playstation and Gameboy Color format.

Last Family Vacation
Lately, there has been rumors about Mary-Kate and Ashley's plot of their newest movie shot in the Bahammas. The title is "The Last Family Vacation." The rumored plot is as follows:
Mary-Kate and Ashley play Mariah and Makayla Bergquist. Ashley (played by Drew Barrymore) and Angel (Teresa Pangle) are their older sisters. Jess (Jessica Alba) is Angel's best friend. The mom and dad of the family have Ashley. They then get pregnant with a little boy. They take a road trip up the west coast. They get in an accident and they lose the baby. The doctor tells the mother that she unable to conceive children. Devestated, the family decides to adopt a little girl from Mexico, Angel. Six months after the adoption is final, Sandy, the mother, finds out she's pregnant with twins! Based on a true story.

I do not take responsibility about the truthfulness in anyway. As mentioned above, it is still a rumor and has not been confirmed by official sources yet. Thank you Teresa Pangle ( for sending the above information to me.

Transmitted August 29, 2001

Rush Hour 2 Premiere
On July 26, 2001, Mary-Kate and Ashley attended the movie premiere of the hit kung-fu comedy "Rush Hour 2" starring Jackie Chan and Chris Rock in Los Angeles.

N'Sync "Celebrity"
On July 23rd, Mary-Kate and Ashley were some of the celebrity guests invited to the boy band Nsync's "Celebrity" Album Release Party at Club Moomba.

Atlantis Hotel
During the filming of their new movie on location in the Bahammas take will take place in August, the girls will be staying in the "Atlantis" hotel. It's a humongous hotel!

Back at Home
Mary-Kate and Ashley are back from yet another one of their famous Sail with the Stars cruise. Rumors say that this cruise will very likely be the last one. Whether this is true or not, we'll just have to wait.

Travel in Style Set
There are new Mary-Kate and Ashley Barbie Dolls. This is named "Travel in Style" and both dolls come together in a set. The set also includes a minature Passport to Paris book.

Posters to Wal-Mart
If there is a Wal-Mart near you, then in addition to their exclusive clothing line, you can now also buy posters with Mary-Kate and Ashley in it. There are 2 posters currently available.

Transmitted July 29, 2001

Cruisin' the Caribbean
From July 1 to July 8, Mary-Kate and Ashley are on one of their many famous annual Sail with the Stars Cruise. Last year, they cruised around Russia. This year, they are cruising the Caribbean on Holland America's ms. Maasdam ship! This cruise covers the beautiful island beaches on Nassau, St. Thomas, San Juan and Half Moon Cay.

Colors of the Season
Different colors represent different seasons. This holds true for the mary-kateandashley fashion line as well. While Spring 2001's main colors were red, orange, and white and Summer 2001's main colors were pastel blue, white, and orange, Fall 2001 colors will be darker. Colors include maroon, olive green, navy blue, and brown.

More "Adventure" and "You're Invited" videos
Several new video titles are headed to a video store near you debutting August 7th. They will all be compilations of their older "Adventure" and "You're Invited" videos. 3 episodes are included in each video. The names are:
* Coolest Parties (Birthday Party, Mall Party, Sleepover Party)
* Vacation Parties (Christmas Party, Ballet Party, Hawaiian Beach Party)
* Favorite Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley

Transmitted July 7, 2001

So Little Time Premiere Date
On June 2, join Mary-Kate and Ashley as the first episode of their new TV series "So Little Time" debuts on the Fox Family Channel. It will air at 11 a.m EST. Check out the website for their series at

Movie at the Bahammas
Over the summer, Mary-Kate and Ashley will film another movie for your enjoyment. This time, they will travel to the Bahammas to shoot it. The new movie should be released this November.

Mary-Kate and Ashley on ET
On May 25th, Mary-Kate and Ashley were on Entertainment Tonight. They gave viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at their new show So Little Time. It showed them filming a dancing scene and a messy fudge slide scene. They were really having fun! ET also reported that they are both worth about half a billion dollars!

New Categories to Fashion Line
You've loved the original mary-kateandashley fashion line at Wal-Mart, and now they've added more categories to the Wal-Mart line to include watches, stationery, bedding, daywear, and bodywear. Expect these to possbily come out for back-to-school shopping in August or September. In Spring 2002, a cosmetics line will be introduced. Also, in addition to working on a juniors fashion line, a toddlers line is also in the works.

Transmitted May 29, 2001

Total Access 24/7
On April 28, Fox Family aired an half hour episode with Mary-Kate and Ashley giving a tour of the set of their new TV series "So Little Time". The episode included several footage of their new show as well. "So Little Time" will begin airing this June on Fox Family Channel (cable).

Fashion Line for Juniors
For those who were really excited with their fashion line but then found it disappointing that the clothes were too small...this news ought to cheer you up. Mary-Kate and Ashley are in the processing of bringing their fashion line to Juniors (Ages 14-19). Please head to their official site at and let them know what kind of clothes you would like to see. Possible release date for the Juniors Fashion is probably Fall 2001.

Cartoon on ABC's official! After a long wait, Mary-Kate and Ashley will finally have their own cartoon. The cartoon, still untitled, will air on ABC's Saturday Morning Lineup beginning this fall. Mary-Kate and Ashley will introduce each episode in live person.

Transmitted April 29, 2001

March 27, 2001 Releases
  • Winning London Video
  • Our Lips are Sealed DVD
  • Greatest Hits II
  • Our Lips are Sealed Movie Soundtrack - includes music from Passport to Paris
  • Winning London Movie Sountrack
  • Fashion Forward Spring & Summer 2001 Video

    The Today Show
    To promote all the products they have coming out, Mary-Kate and Ashley will make a guest appearance on "The Today Show" on March 27th. "The Today Show" begins at 7a.m. EST on NBC. Check your local listings for exact airdate.

    Volume 2 Greatest Hits
    Mary-Kate and Ashley has a new compilation album coming out. It is a combination of songs from their previous videos and albums and also includes the 4 new songs from their "School Dance Party" video. This is an enhanced CD, meaning there are special clips inside the CD that is viewable on a PC computer. The 16 songs in this CD are: Noyz About Boyz - Saturday Night - Monday Morning - Waiting Game - Sore Feet - Toys (When I Grow Up) - Instant Party - Goin' Through Our Mom's Stuff - Moon Bounce Madness - Pinata Party - Lazy Rainy Afternoon - If We Ran the Navy - Gimme Pizza - Our Dog Has Eaten Our Homework - Wild, Wet, Wacky Wonderful World - You're Invited.

    Winner's Circle
    As if you can't get enough of Mary-Kate and Ashley, they have another game coming out March 2nd (for Gameboy Color) and 5th (for Playstation) called Winner's Circle. It is a horseback riding game. Some additional features:
    * Compete in dressage, jumping, and cross-country events
    * Practice, adventure, and career game modes
    * Explore large forest and island levels
    * Learn basic care for horses

    mary-kateandashley Magazine Premiere Issue
    We've been waiting a long time to see it and now it's officially out! The mary-kateandashley magazine Issue 1 should be out at stores already, but get your copy quickly because it's running out very fast. There are plenty of ads, pictures, and even articles personally written by them. Each copy of the magazine sells for $5.99. You can also suscribe to the magazine by calling 1-888-762-8479. The suscription price is $27.95 (for U.S. residents), 22% off the newsstand price. Canadian rate is $42.95 and the foreign rate is $51.95.

    Transmitted March 25, 2001

    So Little Time
    So, what is it that there's so little time? Well, it's Mary-Kate and Ashley's new TV Series for the Fox Family Channel!

    They play two Malibu teens dealing with their parentsí separation. We follow the girlsí lives and adventures both at home and at Ocean View High.

    Macy and Josh Carlson (Mom and Dad) ran a highly successful fashion design label together for years, until Josh hit his mid-life crisis. In the spirit of "finding himself", he moved out to a trailer which happens to overlook his former Malibu beachfront home. When type-A Mom and laid-back Dad get together on occasion, itís just like old times...lots of bickering. The girls split time between Momís swank beachfront digs and Dadís cozy but cluttered bohemian trailer. Mom and Dad are helped out by Manuelo - the familyís flamboyant nanny.

    Ashley, like her mom, is an assertive overachiever with her eye on Travis, the brooding dreamboat next door. By contrast, Mary-Kate is more like her Dad - laid-back and down to earth. Mary-Kate has the misfortune of being hounded by Larry, the over-eager boy from school who has a huge crush on her and will pull any stunt to get her attention.

    Winning London Plot
    On March 27th, join Mary-Kate and Ashley as they tour the historic sites of England, including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Parliament in their latest movie, "Winning London." "Winning London" follows Mary-Kate and Ashley to England as they participate in their high school's Model UN (United Nations) competition. Once on British soil, adventure ensues as the girls take in the sites, survey the culture, meet some guys and learn that -- ultimately -- winning isn't everything.

    Our Lips are Sealed DVD
    Also being released on March 27 is the Our Lips are Sealed DVD. The DVD contains special features not included in the video cassette such as: * Special introduction by Mary-Kate and Ashley
    * Behind-the-scenes features
    * Feature-length commentary by Mary-Kate and Ashley
    * "Fun with Fashion" segment, featuring fashion highlights from the movie
    * Australian Bridgewalk - watch Mary-Kate and Ashley as they climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

    Winning London Sountrack
    U.S. record label Trauma Records, together with Dualstar Entertainment Group Inc. (Mary-Kate and Ashley's company) signed an exclusive global licensing agreement for the production of soundtracks as well as compilations for the "Mary-Kate and Ashley" brand. This will last for at least 3 years. The first product will be the soundtrack to "Winning London", to be released in April. So for all those people who loved the songs in their movies, you can now easily have them on CD.

    Celebrity Profile on E!
    On February 14th, 10pm EST, the cable channel E! will premiere a one hour celebrity profile of Mary-Kate and Ashley! Celebrity Profile learns how they went from child stars to teenage mini-moguls, managing an empire that includes a production company and clothing line. Interviews include Mary-Kate and Ashley, as well as Full House costars Bob Saget, Candace Cameron and Dave Coulier.

    For those who miss this premiere, not to worry! There are many reruns (they'll still be showing it Feb. 15-11am, Feb. 17-1pm, Feb. 18-10am and 7pm)

    Fashion Forward: Spring and Summer 2001
    Last week, on February 10th, Mary-Kate and Ashley's first fashion show of their clothing line in Wal-Mart was shown on AOL, called Fashion Forward. They did not model the clothes, but they did host the beginning of it and it also showed interviews with them about the fashion line. Instead, it was mainly hosted by their 2 boy co-stars from "Winning London". Fashion Forward will soon air on Fox Family Channel and there will also be a video of the show sold exclusively in Wal-Mart.

    Movie Magic Fashion Dolls
    Mary-Kate and Ashley's 3rd set of their dolls, Movie Magic, has been released. It includes unique play pieces that let you pretend to be making your next feature film with Mary-Kate and Ashley and then dress right for the Premiere Party celebrating the opening. Two complete outfits, one for work and one for dressing up. Accessories include a vanity, beauty items, director's chair, sunglasses, script, invitations, movie camera, tripod, movie clapper, movie reels and great Fashions and Accessories. The Mary-Kate doll and Ashley doll are sold separately.

    Happy Valentine's Day
    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you liked this time's news update because it sure was a long and wordy one! Talk about the busy lives of Mary-Kate and Ashley!

    Transmitted February 14, 2001

    2001 Releases
    2001 is going to be a huge year for Mary-Kate and Ashley and their fans. They begin off the year by launching their own clothing line at Wal-Mart stores in January. In March, they release their newest video "Winning London". In the spring, they also launch their very own magazine. And in the summer, their very own new TV series is set to premiere (more information below) They will continue to release more books every month. Talk about busy!

    New TV Series for Fox Family
    Mary-Kate and Ashley are coming back to television! They will have their very own TV series for the Fox Family Channel (a cable channel) starting Summer 2001. Fox Family Channel have already commited to 26 episodes of this new show. It is about two teenage sisters whose parents are separated. Their mom is a high class fashion executive, while their dad is a laid back bonheimian. They shoot the pilot episode in February.

    Clothing Line Available
    Mary-Kate and Ashley's clothing line at Wal-Mart has already been released in some stores. The label is called "marykateandashley" instead of "MK&A", which was decided on before. The sizes run from 6x to about size 16 in girls sizes. Different styles of clothes are available at different Wal-Mart chains. A more complete line of their clothes will probably be at all the stores over the upcoming months.

    Christmas Ski Trip to Utah
    Mary-Kate and Ashley once again went skiing in Deer Park Valley, Utah, around Christmas time!

    Transmitted January 9, 2001

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