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FreeHawk's Bulletin Board

listed in reverse chronological order

NOVEMBER 5, 1999 - FreeHawk's Queer Pages are undergoing an intensive overhaul.  This section is being expanded to include a GLBT announcement board, a news and information resource center, and a regularly-updated collection of works entitled "The Gay Experience."  I expect the revamped Queer Pages to be online by DECEMBER 1, 1999.

July 15, 1999 - the HIV/AIDS Information page is being updated to include more links to useful online and real-world resources.  The revamped page should be online by DECEMBER 1, 1999.

NOVEMBER 1, 1999 - FreeHawk's Pics & Pans is being expanded to include more photographs.  In order to minimize loading time, this calls for the creaiton of separate, themed galleries.  This upgrade is going to take a little longer than the rest of the site overhaul.  I hope to have it ready by JANUARY 1, 2000.

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