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The Wall of Remembrance is one attempt to honor and remember the men, women, and Children taken from the world by hate and intolerance. Regardless of whatever differences these lost souls may have embodied, each and every one of them deserves to be remembered. It is hoped a day will come when no more names will be added to this Wall, that we may all learn to see beyond the things that make us different and accept one another as human beings and individuals. Until that day comes, the Wall of Remembrance will stand as a tribute to the lost - and as a reminder of the true cost of intolerance.

Rick Hutchings, designer

Far too many have been taken from the world, lost to the violence of hate. Each person lost deserves to be remembered. The Wall of Remembrance you are about to see is an effort to ensure the victims of hate are never forgotten.

Sadly, however, these are but a fraction of all who have died under the cold hand of hate. Millions have been lost, and the Wall of Remembrance does not come close to including them all. Every attempt will be made to place the names of the lost upon the Wall, to ensure no victim of hate is forgotten.

The people listed were victims because they were somehow different - or perceived as such. But they were all human. Hate and violence are human issues, and every single person taken by hate - regardless of who and what they were - deserves to be remembered.

As you read through the names, please try to remember that each person was special to someone. The Wall of Remembrance is not just about a list of victim's names. It is about people and suffering. It is about remembering those whose lives were taken from the world. For every name you see, there are surviving friends and family, all of whose lives were devastated by the cold violence of hate.

After viewing the Wall of Remembrance, please sign the Visitor's Book. It is important that people share their thoughts and feelings. In doing so, a wider appreciation may be gained of the effect hate and violence has on all of us.

Visit the Wall of Remembrance

Special Thanks and Recognition

The Wall of Remembrance would not be possible without the contributions of many people and resources which provide records of hate crimes. Special thanks are extended to those who provided assistance in constructing this memorial tribute:

New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
Southern Poverty Law Center
The San Francisco Examiner
Ron Wells
Wired Strategies
The Advocate

The Wall of Remembrance is by no means complete. If you know of someone who has been lost to the violence of hate and would like to see their name included, please Submit a Name. Be sure to include as much information as possible, especially State, Age, and date of death

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