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Hello, and welcome to the Great Composers of Classical Music web site. This introduction is meant to provide you with some basic information regarding this web site, as well as classical music in general. To view the sources that have contributed to the creation of this page, please click here.
Otherwise, please choose a topic to view.

Why I created this web site

This site was created for a course called "Computer Science 1" at Niskayuna High School. The assignment was to create a web site with another course as the model---the course I choose was Symphony Orchestra. Another purpose of this site is to educate people on the subject of classical music and its composers. Many people have heard such names as "Bach" or "Beethoveen", but don't really know much more than that. Or, even if you do, this site is a chance to show you more.
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Definition of "Classical Music"

classical music [n] : music conforming to an established form and appealing to critical interest and developed musical taste [syn: serious music]
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Introduction to music---explanation of different styles

The different styles of Classical Music can be attributed to the different time periods of musical history. They are as follows: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and the Twentieth Century.
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"I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet. I cannot
artfully arrange my phrases so as to give light and
shade. Neither am I a painter; nor can I even express
my thoughts by gesture and pantomine, for I am no
dancer. But I can do so in sounds. I am a musician."
-W.A. Mozart
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Closing Statements

This website (for the most part) was created on a 166mhz Pentium in my Niskayuna home by me using only pure html---no "advanced" editors (i.e. Frontpage). If you are wondering why i didn't choose to use frames for this site it's because I think they are ugly in general. I started to use them, they I realized things were just to cramped (Check it out if you want) so I stopped. Okay, thats it from me.
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There are many people, sites, and encyclopedia's that have aided me
in the contruction of this site. To leave here and view them, follow
this link.
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