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Free Email: With Net-Zero You'll Surf The Web For Less! Net-Zero

NetZero Internet Service: At NetZero Direct You'll Get The Best Selection of Internet Shopping and always The Best Prices!

Free Email: With Net-Zero You'll Surf The Web For Less! Net-Zero
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Before the text and graphics that make up Web pages get sent to you over your phone line, NetZero HiSpeed compresses them using a proprietary technology. Less data is sent so the download of pages and your surfing experience are that much faster! In addition, NetZero HiSpeed stores elements of the Web sites you visit frequently so you do not have to re-download them every time you visit these sites. With NetZero High Speed Internet you will enjoy all the great features of NetZero Platinum, plus you will experience super high-speed Web surfing!
NetZero Internet can be accessed at both and and is available in more than 6,500 cities across the United States and in Canada. NetZero provides fast and easy access to search engines, news and sports headlines, shopping, financial services and more. Download NetZero free internet service in only 2 minutes at

Netzero Internet Software: With NetZero You'll Surf The Web For Less! NetZero

Click here to compare the savings you will enjoy by using NetZero Platinum service as your Internet Provider over the standard plans offered by other ISPs such as AOL, EarthLink, MSN and Yahoo**.

Free Email: With Net-Zero You'll Surf The Web For Less! Net-Zero

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