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World Bookstore ~ World Bookstore Dictionary, World Bookstore Deluxe Reference Package, World Bookstore Encyclopedia

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World Bookstore ~ World Bookstore Dictionary, World Bookstore Deluxe Reference Package, World Bookstore Encyclopedia
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World Book presents a universe of information. From A to Z, the world of knowledge unfolds. World Book articles are written clearly. They're concise and interesting...packed with facts instead of adjectives. And because each article is tightly written, there are more of them in each volume.
  • Authored and edited by 3,700 experts
  • Checked and rechecked
  • Updated more than any other reference source
  • Straightforward and understandable to students of all ages and levels.
Discover the World Book difference at the World Book website.
Since 1917,World Book, Inc., has set the standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for both children and adults. Based in Chicago, Illinois, World Book is an industry leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, and multimedia products for the home and schools. For over eighty years, World Book has been committed to publishing encyclopedias and references that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence while keeping pace with the technological developments that define the computer age. To learn more about World Book's products and services please visit

World Bookstore Encyclopedia ~ Buy Reference Books and World Bookstore Encyclopedia Direct from World Bookstore

World Book updates its content more thoroughly and often than any other encyclopedia. Most multi-volume reference books revise 5 percent of their total pages. Each year, World Book revises more than a quarter of its entire content. This comprehensive adjustment covers: Topics, Vocabulary, Grade level, Interest level, Writing style, Maps, Photographs and Charts and graphs.

World Book articles are comprehensive and give readers a solid foundation about a subject, and are a vital resource for any student, or children. World Book encyclopedias contain numerous pictures and diagrams, as well as comprehensive - yet easy to follow - information on each of the thousands of topics.

World Bookstore ~ World Bookstore Dictionary, World Bookstore Deluxe Reference Package, World Bookstore Encyclopedia

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