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Native American Indian

Thank you for dropping in! My name is Larry Kibby.
I am a Wiyot Indian of Northern California, and currently
reside on the Elko Indian Colony,a Federally
Recognized Indian Reservation located in Northestern Nevada.

I have created this site as an information area, where
people can locate Native American Indian groups, organizations
or agencies, either in their quest for research material and
or data and material, which would provide justified or factual
respects, depending upon what one is searching for.

This main page has been set up with other web
pages of mine that have been created over the
years, plus pages that have information
about, Elko, Nevada, and I hope you get a
chance to visit
them all.

Below this paragraph is an area setup to where
you can view other pages I have arranged as
part of this site, by clicking on Page 1, etc.

Please, "Bookmark" this site as your information gathering area. Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.

Please come back and visit again!
Don't forget to sign my "Guest Book"!

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