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Native Voices

Hi! Welcome to Native Voices!
Come on in, the door is always open!

My name is Larry Kibby and I operate Native Voices
and I am the one who has constructed this site
through the courtesy of

I am a Wiyot from Northern California, however, I
live on the Elko Indian Colony, in Northeastern
Nevada, which lies within the Traditional Territory
of the Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada.

I have established Native Voices(
in order to bring forth a stronger, better and more
meaningful awareness of the Preservation and Protection
of the Cultural and Natural Resources of the Native American

Throughout Indian Country, as well as here within the Traditional
Territory of the Western Shoshone, there are numerous Prehistoric;
Historic; and Contemporary area's such as: Winter, Fall and Summer
Campsites, which in part are of: Hunting, Fishing, Food Gathering,
Medicine Gathering, Ceremonial and Burial sites, of which all relate
to the Past Ancestral History of the Tribes.

Within Northeastern Nevada, there are groups and organizations that
are currently addressing these issues, such as: The Western Shoshone
Defense Project; Nevada Indian Enviromental Coalition; Western Shoshone
Historic Preservation Society; Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians
of Nevada, and other Tribal Governments and organizations.

Throughout Indian Country, the vast majority of their Traditional Lands
are located on what is called the Public Domain. These are lands managed
by the Federal Government. Federal Agnecies such as the Bureau
of Land Management; United States Forest Service; and or the National
Parks Service. These federal agencies have a "Trust Responsibility" to
Preserve and Protect area's of vital concern to the Native American Indian.

Many people in society today have no real idea, that the Sovereign Nations
haven't always lived in the area they do, that these Reservation are lands
which their ancestor's were forced to move onto. However, such Sovereign Nations
as the Western Shoshone, still live within their Traditional Domain, and it is
within these area's that the living culture of the Native American Indian can
be found, area's that need to be preserved and protected for future generations.

Today in society, Pot Hunter's; Vandals; Looter's; Amateur Archaeologist and even
Professional Archaeologist, are "Wiping Away Traces of the Past" and every feasible endeavor
must be utilized to help safeguard the Sacred Lands of the Native American Indian.

You! You can help! You can become an assest in the endeavor to help safeguard these vital
area's of importance to the Tribes, by becoming aware of the necessary need to Preserve and
Protect one of America's greatest heritage's, that of the Native American Indian!

Time is of Importance!

Help Preserve Traces of the Past!

Join NAvoices and learn to respect the Past!

To Join Native Voices, go to:

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information that can be used to help better
understand these concerns, interest and issues.
Thank you!

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