Sources of Items Made In the U.S.A. (or with Non-Sweatshop Labor)

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I am listing the URLs for each of the companies for you to print out,
or perhaps start another list of your own.

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Videotaped from a broadcast on KRGV-TV Channel 5 (Weslaco, Texas) Oct. 10, 1998.

This list can be routed through: the following URLs: -

Heartfelt salutes to George Salzmann, Christopher Lee, Nicole Drake,
Gerry Murphy, Todd Hecker, Brian Zachary Beatty, and Lynnette Payne
for their suggestions, Mr. Edward Staniszewski of Lifewear for his HTML help,
Ms. Ellie Knapp for her support, the many people who strive to buy American-Made
and told me of these companies, and to the many manufacturers and retailers
in the USA who have informed me of their websites! I thank you one and all!

And if you're going to wear American Flag lapel pins,
wear ones made in the USA!

You can buy them from American Made Clothing - Union House Apparel:
and By American Company:
Thanks, Amy & Stephen!

NOTE: The opinions expressed on any website listed on this page
are solely those of the respective author(s).
No claims are made for any of the manufacturers, distributors
or retailers on this website.

3M Stationary Products Division:

AAAStitchs Digitizing & Embroidery :

Adams Manufacturing Corp. (Plastic Consumer Goods):

All American Store (Retailer):
An actual brick-and-mortar store with two locations in Ohio!

Areomotor Windmill Company :
Manufacturers of windmills since 1888.

All-One-God-Faith, Inc.
See Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

All American Wineries (State-by-state guide to Vinyards):

Allen Mugs/Color Craft (Promotional Products):

All American Clothing (Formerly Union Jean Co.):

Alpsnack Bars
See Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Aluminum Box Company:

American Apparel Store:

American Bicycle Group:

American Chauvinist (Casual clothing with patriotic themes):

American Heritage Crafters (Furniture & Décor):

American Made
See Country Store Catalog (Retailer):

American Plastic Products, Inc.:

American Plastic Toys:
Many of their toys are available from Target.
Go to “” and type "American Plastic Toys" or "American Toys"
in the websearch block.

Amerilab Technologies:
(Makers of Drinkin' Mate Hangover Defense and Fizzies Effervescent Drink Tablets)

Amerityre (Flat-Free Closed-Cell Polyurethane Foam Tires):

Amish Avenue (Amish Furniture & Home décor):

Amish Furniture Home:

Amish Home Place (Amish & Mennonite Furniture, Crafts & Gifts):

Amish Retail (Furniture):

Amish Tables:

Anchor Hocking (Glasswear):

Angel's Greeting Cards (Wholesale only):

Annin & Co. (Flags):

Apricot & Ivy (Toys):

Armor All (Auto & Home Care Products):

Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools:

Arrow Plastic (Plastic and Glass Containers and Implements):

AST Sportswear:

Atkinson Candy Company:
Makers of Chick-O-Stick, Long Boys, Peanut Butter Bars,
Rainbow Twists & Gemstone Candies.

(Makers of Sport-Wash and Sensi-Clean laundry detergents,
Sno-Seal waterproofer and assorted waterproofing, outdoor gear,
UV control, Skin, Hair, Pet, Laundry and Odor Control products)

Awesome Products Inc. (LA's Awesome cleaning products):

Beer Clip (Combination novelty money clip and bottle opener):

Beka Natural Wood Products (Toys, Art Tools):

Best American Arts (Jewelry, Home Decor, Handbags & Fiber):

Best Price Nutrition (Bodybuilding supplements):

Big Plush (Oversized stuffed animals):
Most, but not all products, are USA-Made.

Billet Bones (Custom Made Dominoes):

Bio Green Clean (100% Natural Cleaners):

Blackspot Shoes:
This outfit sells sneakers made with organic hemp and recycled rubber,
manufactured with Unionized labor in Portugal.

See Taurus Toy

Blu-Mol Power Tool Accessories
See Disston Tools

Bluebird Gardens Quilts & Collectables:

Blumer's Premium Sodas
See Minhas Craft Brewery (Retailer of Surfing Clothing):

Boston Beer Company (Brewers of Samuel Adams Beers & Ales):

Bradfield Outdoor (Outdoor Clothing):

BroilKing (Electric Cooking & Warming Appliances) :
They do not sell directly to the public, but list retailers that do so
(Not to be confused with Broil King BBQ.)

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps :
(Soaps, Personal Care Products, Organic Snack Bars)
(Formerly All-One-God-Faith, Inc.)
Continuing the work of the late Master Soapmaker Dr. Emanuel H. Bronner (1908-1997),
this company makes products with either USA originated or Fair Trade sources.

Buck Knives:

Bud's Best Cookies:
Manufacturers of Bud's Best and Uncle Al's cookies. Run by the father and son team of Bud and Al Cason in Alabama.

Buell Motorcycles:

Buffalo Amplifiers (Handcrafted Vacuum Tube Amplifiers):

By American Company (Jewelry and Accessories):

Capcatcher Bottle Openers (Bottle openers and related gift items):

Case IH:
Makers of Patriot sprayers, Magnum tractors,
Farmall and International Harvester equipment.

Caterpillar (Heavy Duty Construction Vehicles & Equipment):

Burda CompuGraphix (Custom Printing on USA-Made T-shirts): (Retailer)

Canfield Plastics (Levitator Shoe Lifts and Height Increasing Insoles):

(Game Boards; Foosball; Stick, Air & Nok Hockey Tables;
Classic Games; Wooden Highchairs)

Channel Craft (Toys & Puzzles):
Does not sell directly to the public,
but does provide a list of retailers that sell their items.

Chippewa Boots:

C.I. Products:
Makers of Cosmic Celtic Cure and Cosmic Critter Cure ointments

Cinco Plastics (Christmas Tree Stands):

Citristrip (Paint & Varnish Remover):

Classic Cottage Charm (Hand Painted Decor & Signs):

Competition Headwear ("Your Source for Made to Order USA Caps"):

The Connecticut Store (Retailer - All products manufactured in Connecticut):

Country Store Catalog (Retailer):
Formerly "Reader's Digest American Made". Has a section of their website exclusively listing USA-Made products.

CoverSports USA (Sports Surface Protection):
A division of Humphrys Textile Products:

Crafty Dab
See Clarence J. Venne, LLC

Crayola (Art & Craft Supplies):
(Most but not all products made in the USA.)

Cream City Ribbon (Cotton Ribbon):

Creative Bird Toys :

CrossCore (Exercise Equipment):

Cumberland General Store (Retailer):">
Not everything sold is USA made (Check product description for each item).

Manufacturers and retailers of a spill-proof cap that turns a canning jar into a travel mug.

Cutco Cutlery & Vector Marketing (Cutlery, Flatwear, Knives, Gardening Tools):

Dacor (Home Appliances):

Danner Boots:

Del-Ware Containers and Lids
See M.V.P. Food Packaging

Diamond Apparel Golf Shirts :

Diamond Brands (Plastic Cutlery, Matches, Clothespins & Clotheslines):

Diamond Cut Jeans;
Jeans are now manufactured in Mexico with USA materials.

Diamond Gusset Jeans
See Gusset Clothing Company

Digital Vision Resources Group {DVRG} (Plastic card printing services):

Dimensions Crafts (Needlepoint, Paint-By-Number, Glass & Metal Crafts):

Dirt Works (Organic Products):

Disston Tools (Tools and Accessories):{Some but not all USA-Made]
Makers of Aggressor, Blu-Mol, Blu-Mol Xtreme, and RemGrit brands.

Dolittle Company (Union-Imprinted Clothing):

Doll Fashions Unlimited (Doll Clothing & Accessories):

Don't Tread On Me (T-Shirts):

Durable Toys (Retailer):
(Use their SEARCH block under CATEGORY and scroll down to "Made In USA")

Dutch Crafters (Amish Handcrafted Furniture):

Dynamic Confections:
(Makers of Bogdon's Candy, Dynamic Chocolates, Kencraft Handcrafted Confections, and Maxfield's Candy)

Easy To Love (Pennsylvania German Wooden Toys & Project Patterns):
Note: Website pages play Polka music when opened!

See Spy Equipment

Express Ramps:

Fanny Warmer:
"Providing warmth for areas nature left defenseless."

Fantus Paper Products/P.S. Greetings, Inc. (Greeting Cards) WHOLESALE ONLY:

Fat Brain Toys:

Fisher Space Pens (High-Technology Ballpoint Pens):

Fitness Weights (Fitness Equipment):

Fitness Weights USA (Fitness Equipment):

Fruit of the Earth (Personal Care Products):

Fuller Brush Company (Cleaning Products):

Garland Road Soap Company (Soaps, Lotions & Skin Care Products):

General Pencil Company:

Giff's Original (Condiments & Sauces):

Glove Catcher (Glove & Towel Holders):

Go Buy American (Patriotic T-Shirts):

Granpa Brands Company (Natural Soaps):

Gusset Clothing Company:
(Makers of Diamond Gusset Jeans)

Hammond's Candies:

Harley-Davidson (Motorcycles):

Harvest Road Snack Foods
See Pretzels, Inc.

Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee:

HearthSong (Toy Seller):

Heartwood Creations (Fine Wooden Crafts):

Hempy's (Hemp Products):

Henry Repeating Arms (Rifles and Accessories):

Holgate Toys:

Home Fitness Plus (Home Fitness Equipment):

Home'n Stead (Soaps):

Huber Brewery
See Minhas Craft Brewery

Humphrys Textile Products (Industrial Tarps and Canvas Products):

Igloo (Thermal Coolers & Ice Chests):
(According to an e-mail from the company's customer service department,
all non-thermoelectric coolers are USA-Made.)

International Harvester
See Case IH

Iron (Fitness Equipment)

Jack's Country Store (Retailer):
(Many [but not all] products are USA-Made.)

Just Born Quality Confections:
(Makers of Goldenberg Chew-ets Peanut Chews, Hot Tamales Cinnamon Candy,
Mike & Ike Candies, Peeps Marshmallow Candy, and Teenee Beanee Gourmet Jelly Beans)

Justice Clothing (Employee-Controlled Cooperative):

Key West Pets (Pet Products):

Kleen-Strip (Home Improvement Supplies):

Klien Tools:>

Kong Pet Toys:

KonieCups International (Paper Cups and Funnels):

Kraco (Car & Truck Floormats):

Kraft Hat Manufacturers:

Kristi Tool (Tool & Die):

KT Ordnance (Firearms Supplies):

LA's Awesome cleaning products
See Awesome Products, Inc.

Lake Clear Wabbler (Fishing Lures):

Laina Line (Boutique Children's Clothing & Accessories):

Lance Snack Foods:

Leatherman Tools & Knives:

Legendary USA (Leatherwear):

Lehman's Non-Electric (Retailer):
Not everything sold is USA made (Check product description for each item).

Levitator Shoe Lifts and Height Increasing Insoles
See Canfield Plastics

Life Of The Party {} (Soap Making Craft Supplies)

Lifetime Products (Chairs & Tables, Outdoor Storage,
Utility Trailers & Basketball Equipment):

Lifewear [] (Union-Made T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Turtlenecks & Hoodies)

Lincoln Logs
Believe it or not, these are now made in the People's Republic of China!
A USA-Made alternative is Roy Toy Real Wood Building Sets.

Lion's Pride Clothing:

Little Feet Toys:

Little Tykes (Manufacturer & Retailer of Toys):

Little's Furniture:

Logo Sportswear (Custom Embroidery & Digital Printing):

Luxury Lane Soap (Hand Made Soaps, Soy Wax Melts):

M.V.P. Food Packaging (Del-Ware Containers & Lids):

Maax (Casual Wear Clothing):
Their neckties and D-Ring belts are USA-Made.

Madcapz (Patterned caps for Women, Infants & Children; Women's Visors): (Retailer)
The same company mentioned on “The Ed Schultz Show”.

Mag-Lite (Flashlights):

Magic American (Cleaning Products):

Maker's Mark (Bourbon Whisky) {Note the spelling!}:

Maple Island Handcrafted Log Homes:

Maple Landmark Woodcraft (Wooden Toys, Games, Housewares & Gifts):

Marlin Steel Wire Products (Baskets, Shelving, Forms & Hooks):

Marner Group
See Competition Headwear

Maurice's Gourmet BBQ (Barbecue Sauces, Packaged Meats, Seasonings):

Max and Chloe (Jewelry retailer):

McGard Innovative Security Products:

McIlhenny Company:
Makers of Tabasco brand pepper sauce.

Meadowcraft (Casual Outdoor Furniture):

Merida Home (Home Furnishings):

Merida Meridian (Natural Fiber Rugs & Floor Coverings):

Merrick Engineering. Inc. (Clothes Hangers, Shoe Racks,
Space Savers & Laundry Products):

Miller Store (Handmade Amish Crafts & Kitchen Accessories):

Minhas Craft Brewery (formerly Huber Brewery):

David Morgan (Hats, Luggage, Clothing, Jewelry, Leather Goods):
Some but not all products are USA-Made.

Mystic Monk Coffee:
A small batch coffee roasted by the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming.

"The Quality Not Made in China Toy Store":

National Association of American Wineries {}

Nature's Care (Acne Products):

NECCO {New England Confectionery Company}:

Neutrogena (Cosmetics & Skin Care Products):

New Balance (Sneakers & Athletic Clothing):
Some but not all sneakers are USA-Made.

New England Natural (Gardening Supplies, Cleaning Products, Toys & Games, Cheese Making Kits):

Newberry Knitting (Gloves & Mittens):

No Sweat Apparel (WHOLESALE ONLY! USA Union-Made t-shirts, hoodies,
pullovers and sweatshirts):
While NoSweat presently sells whole only,
there is a list of retailers who sell their products.

Nohm Candles (Non-GMO Soy Wax Candles):

North Star Leather:

NutraPlanet (Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements):

O-Cedar (Cleaning Products): (US Winery, Vineyard and Wine Festival Directory)

Okabashi (Sandals):

Orbit Nutrition (Sports Nutrition Products):

Order American, Inc. (Retailer):

Oreck (Vacuum Cleaners & Air Purifiers):

Original Washers Toss Game:

Our Promise Rings (Jewelry):

Out of the Fog (Maine Roasted Coffee & Maine Gifts):

P & B Specialty Shop (Pet Supplies):
Most items sold are USA-Made.

R.M. Palmer Co. (Candy):

Piedmont Candy Company (Red Bird Brand Peppermint Sticks):

Pinnacle Soy Candles:

Pixel Technologies:
(Antennas & Accessories for AM/FM/HD/SW & Satellite Radio & Cellular Phones)

Plano Molding (Indoor & Outdoor Storage Units):

Pointer Brand Clothes:

PolarWear (Insulated Work Clothing):

Poof-Slinky, Inc.:
(Makers of Slinky spring toys and Poof foam plastic toys. Most but not all Poof toys are USA-Made.)

Predicta (Retro-Style Television Sets):

Pretzels, Inc. (Harvest Road Snack Foods):

Promised Land Products:

ProtensUS Corporation (Retailer):

P.S. Greetings, Inc.
See Fantus Paper Products

Purdy Professional Painting Tools:

The Quincy Shop (Toy & Craft Retailer):
Type in "USA" in the website's search block.

RDC/Cytex Plastics (Retail Display Supplies):

Rada Cutlery:

Red Bird Brand Peppermint Sticks
See Piedmont Candy Company

Red Wing Shoes:
According to one source, most of this company's production has been outsourced to China

Rescue Tape (Self-Fusing Silicone Repair Tape):

RGM Watches:

Rhoades Car (4-Wheel Cycles):

Rigid Lifelines (Fall Prevention and Arrest Systems):

Rocky Shore Miniatures (Doll House Furniture):

Rome Industries (Garden Decor & Outdoor Cookware):

RoomMates (Removable Peel & Stick Wall décor):

Roy Toy (Wooden Building Sets):
A USA-Made alternative to the now Chinese-made Lincoln Logs.
All Roy Toy building sets are made from USA grown pine wood.

Rubbermaid (Household Storage):
Note: Not all Rubbermaid products are USA Made.

Sauder Woodworking (Furniture):

Senoret Chemical Company (Makers of Terro Ant Control Products):

Sensory Edge (Toy Retailer):

SETS Systems (Tankless Water Heaters):

Shock Doctor (Sports Protection Products):

Shop For America (Retailer):
Includes links to other retailers and manufacturers.

Skilcraft {}:

Skulduggery {} (Children's Art Project Kits)

Slinky Toys
See Poof-Slinky, Inc.

Sloggers Garden Outfitters (Garden Clogs, Hats, Apparel):
(Some, but not all items, are USA-Made.)

SMART Desks (Office & Educational Furniture):

The Soap Lady (Soaps & Bath Salts):

Soft Star Shoes:

Spanco (Overhead Cranes):

Spangler Candy Company (Makers of Dum-Dum-Pops and Saf-T-Pops):

Sprayway (Areosol Household Cleaners):

Spy Equipment (
Retailer of USA made surveillance and monitoring products.

Staber Industries, Inc. (Washing Machines & Dryers): (Retailer)

Step2 (Activity Toys):

Stern Pinball, Inc.:
(The world's last manufacturer of coin-operated pinball machines!)

Sturm, Ruger & Co. (Firearms):

Summer Snow Art (Primitive, Country and Folk Framed Art):

SunBelt Manufacturing (Stretched Art Canvas & Silk Screen Frames):

Suncast (Outdoor Storage, Water Hose Reels, Snow Shovels):

Sunkist Graphics (Casino Signs, Reel Strips & Related Products):
(Not affiliated in any way with Sunkist Growers, Inc.)

Tabasco Pepper Sauce
See McIlhenny Company
(Please note that it's spelled "Tabasco" and not "Tobasco"!)
See Yvonne Totes

Taurus Toy:

Makers of "Block-n-Roll" marble maze construction system.

Teknor Apex (Garden Hoses, Polymers & Plastics):
Makers of Apex, AquaFlex, Healthy Habitat, NeverKink and TriFlex hoses.

Telstar Electronics
See Predicta

Ten-Tec (Amateur & Shortwave Radio Units):

(Plant Food, Fertilizers, Potting Mix, Deer Repellent, Office & Gardening Supplies,
Shopping Bags, Bird Feeders, Household Cleaners, Fire Starters & Fire Logs)
Extensively uses reclaimed plastic material for packaging and production.

Terro Ant Control Products
See Senoret Chemical Company

Tervis Tumbler Co. (Tumblers, Ice Buckets, Lids & Straws):

Tito's Handmade Vodka:

Toadstool Soaps (Organic, Hand-Crafted Health and Beauty Products and Air Fresheners)
They sell exclusively through eBay,
so you'll need to sign up for a (free) account and type in the company name.

Tom's of Maine (Natural Health Care Products):

Tootsie Roll Industries (Candy):

Tough Traveler (Baby Carriers, Luggage, Backpacks, Briefcases, Emergency Bags, Music Bags):

Toys of USA (Retailer):

Tucker and Bloom (Travel, Laptop & Messenger Bags):

Turner Toys (Wooden Toys):

U.S. Made Toys (Retailer):

U.S. Mills (Breakfast Cereals):

U.S. Sheepskin (Sheepskin Clothing & Other Items):

USA Coffee Company:
(Coffees, Teas, Fruit & Maple Syrups, Natural Cane Sugar, Gourmet Snacks, Gift Packages)
"100% American Coffee from the Tree to the Cup!"

Ultimate Pig Roaster, Inc. {} (Rotisserie Cooking Equipment)

Union Built PC (Union-Made Computers from the USA!):

Union Foods
See Solafide, Inc.

Union House (Clothing and Men's Underwear):

The Union Boot Pro (Work Boots):

Union Jean and Apparel
Now re-named All American Clothing Company.

Union House Apparel:
Sellers of Unionized USA-Made products, including American flag lapel pins!

Union Office Solutions (Retailer of Office Equipment & Supplies):

Union Shirt Supply
See Lifewear

The Union (Customized Printing {Checks, Mugs, Notepads, T-shirts, etc.})

The Union (Union Made Clothing & Promotional Products)

Union Wear (Union-Imprinted Items):

United States Flag Store:

Universol Aromas (Soy Candles):

Utility Workers Union of America {UWUA} (Retailer):

Vanguard Manufacturing: &

Clarence J. Venne, LLC {}
(Makers of Crafty Dab Art Supplies, Dab-O-Ink Bingo Markers, and Sure N' Fast Counterfeit Detector)

Vermont Country Store (Retailer):
(Not everything sold is USA made (Check product description for each item).

Vermont Teddy Bear Company (Handmade Teddy Bears):

VisionUSA (Promotional Drinkwear, Deskwear and Travelwear):

Wall Popsb(Peel and Stick Wall décor):

WD-40 Company:

White's Electronics (Metal Detectors):

Whittle Shortline Railroad (Wooden Toys):
Their line of wooden railroad toys are fully compatible with all wooden track systems.

Whitmer Products:
Manufacturers and sellers of Sport Anchor beach umbrella sand auger,
PaperGuard newspaper rain protector, natural peanut butter hand mixer (and parts)
rectactable indoor/outdoor clothesline reel.

Wiffle Ball, Inc. (Baseball Style Sports Toy & Other Sports Toys):
Wiffle Ball, Inc. does not sell their toys directly through their website,
but they are available from The Connecticut Store (

Wilbur Chocolate Co.:

Woodman's Pal (Land clearing tools {"A machete with the power of an axe"}):

Worksman Cycles:
(Recreational & Industrial Bicycles, Adult Tricycles and Food Vendor Carts)
Making cycles and pushcarts in New York since 1898!

Wright Tool:

Xelos (Surfing Related Clothing):
Sold through

Yaley Enterprises (Candle Making Supplies):

Yoder's Meat and Cheese Company:

D. G. Yuengling & Son (Beers & Ales):

Yvonne Totes {}

Zachary Confections (Candy):

Zebulon USA (Retailer of Clothing, Luggage, Children's Toys & Games):

ZeeBerry (Retailer of Designer Jewelry):

Zippo (Cigarette Lighters):

If you can't find what you want listed here, try the following database websites.
NOTE: The opinions expressed on these websites are not necessarily those of The Microfreedom Index or its website manager.

America's Business to Consumers (USAB2C): and its sister site,
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) - Local 654:
Made In America Product Finder (
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM):
No China Plush "Premium quality stuffed animals NOT fron China":
People's Network, Inc.:
Toys Made In America:
(Formerly the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union)
U.S. Stuff:
USA Manufacturer Directory:


Rev. Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping (Street Theater Activist Group):

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