John Stevenson

MAY 2004

After our last failed trip, we were eager to see what adventures would await us this time. The snag hit us at the airport in Miami when we discovered that the airline tickets had all been issued in my name and that Paula's name did not appear on them. This would not be an issue in the United States, but as Moldova is known for its bureaucratic mindset, we were anxious to fix this before arriving there. Fortunately, we were able to get the tickets re-issued and they were waiting for us by the time we arrived at our change of planes in Austria.

This was our first trip to Moldova since Ron and Dorcas Helton had turned over the ministry and it was a strategic time for us to be there as it coincided with a visit from Robert Ganaway, the temporary acting president. The ministry was in the midst of some major changes and we were able to serve, not only as teachers at the seminary, but also as counselors and sounding boards as the leadership of the ministry processed these changes.

Since our visit, Evghenii (Eugene) Sologubenco has taken of the reigns of leadership and is now the president of the seminary. Evghenii was already running the day-to-day operations of the seminary and his winsome smile and love for the Lord are infectious.

Kisheniv Bible Church has been struggling for the past year as the church has had to make repeated moves in meeting locations. While the communist government takes an official stance toward freedom of religion, there are continuing "behind the scene" pressures being brought to bear that have an adverse effect upon the church.

In spite of this, the work of preaching the gospel and reaching out to a world in darkness continues unabated. It was a delight to see those whose lives have been changed as they passed from death unto life, beliving in Jesus who died and rose again for salvation.

As always, the fresh batch of students found their way into our hearts and it was a special privilege for me to be able to give the commencement address at the graduation ceremonies.

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