Book of Acts Video Series

John Stevenson
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The following video presentations were designed for a class at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary and corresponding Powerpoint presentations are available for free downloads on this website.

Book of Acts: Introduction. A Witness to the World
Acts 1:1-12. Beginnings
Acts 1:12-26. Preparations & Replacements
Acts 2:1-21: The Pentecost Event
Acts 2:22-41. Peter's Call to Repentance
Acts 2:42-47. Life in the Early Church
Acts 3:1-26. Healing & Preaching in the Temple
Acts 4:1-26. Christianity on Trial
Acts 4:32 - 5:42. Attacks Within & Without
Acts 6:1-6. Handling the Hungry
Acts 6:7 - 7:60. Stephen's Ministry, Message, & Martyrdom
Acts 8:1-25. Ministry in Samaria
Acts 8:26-40. Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 9:1-31. Conversion of Saul
Acts 9:32-43. Peter's Seaside Ministry
Acts 10. Gentiles for Jesus
Acts 11:1-18. Becoming an Inclusive Church
Acts 11:19-30: The Church in Antioch
Acts 12. Peter and Herod
Acts 13. First Missionary Journey: Part 1
Acts 14. First Missionary Journey: Part 2
Acts 15:1-35. The Jerusalem Council
Acts 15:36-41. When Christians Divide
Acts 16. Unlikely Disciples
Acts 17:1-15. Thessalonica and Berea
Acts 17:15-34. Paul in Athens
Acts 18:1-18. Christianity in Corinth
Acts 18:18 - 19:40. Ministry in Ephesus
Acts 20. Third Missionary Journey

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