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Welcome to my page . I don't know why are you here , but accept my welcome  . I will be very delighted if my homepage be useful for you . Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any comments or questions .

Sample titles of my works and experiences will be here and will be updated every month from now .

Papers :

* Digital Circuits Simulation Techniques ( Farsi ) Shiraz University Electrical Engineering Student's Seminar and Amir Kabir Univ. Electrical Engineering Conference.
* DSIM Digital Circuit Simulator ( Farsi ) 
* Noro : Neural Network System 
* Implementing TCP/IP RFC Protocols in your software - Shiraz university 
* Blocking and none blocking sockets in Windows and Unix Programming

Projects :

* DSIM , Digital Circuit Simulator
* Infopath BBS server ( Telnet , Modem , Web ) under Unix , Dos and Windows
* Infopath web server
* FarsiQ , ICQ like client , server chat and messaging server and clients with ASP web interface on server side.
* 1-2-3 Your Homepage is Ready ( R )
* JGLink Yahoo like link database search with complete facilities ( ASP for NT , Cgi for Unix )
* Netshut (R) UPS Network shutdown solution for Fratel Inc. ( Sco Unix , Linux , Novell NLM , Windows Client and Server )

And much more . I will have a project page soon .



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