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A busy day!

NOWTHEN! are the new barn dance band from Buckinghamshire in the UK. Formed by a group of musicians with diverse backgrounds including Folk, Morris, Heavy Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Country & Western and Classical music the band have a wealth of performing and recording experience behind them. They all have one vital quality in common though - a strong sense of FUN! Performing as a band since the beginning of 1996 NOWTHEN! are now in great demand throughout the country for weddings, parties, conferences and many other functions requiring that little bit extra in entertainment value.

So - if you don't want to go to yet another formal, 'by-the-book' barn dance but do want to have a great night out, have some fun, listen to some wonderful folk music from England, Scotland, Ireland and America and dance your feet off then watch out for the next NOWTHEN! Barn dance!

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