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Here's a brief introduction to the five members of NOWTHEN.

Nick Malone. Nick Malone - drums, vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo, melodeon, flute... - OK, lets face it, he can play just about anything! Nick has been a professional musician for many, many years (Oi! Not that many - Nick.), performing and recording Rock 'n' Roll with the likes of Freddie 'Fingers' Lee and Billy J. Kramer. He has now established himself firmly in the Folk Music world - although he still hasn't hung up his blue suede shoes for good - and he can frequently be seen busking in Central Milton Keynes!
Jan Malone. Jan Malone - caller. Also plays flute, bodhran and bones. Jan is a very experienced Morris, and Barn dancer who will lead you gently through the dances ensuring that, whether you get the dances right or not, you'll have a great time.
Joe Boland. Joe Boland - melodeon, mandolin, fiddle, vocals, piano, guitar, etc., etc. Joe is another very versatile musician with a long musical past during which he has been everything from a Pop/Rock bassist to the band master in a Morris side. Joe also finds time to run his own piano repair and tuning business.
Jude Rix. Jude Rix - vocals, guitar and percussion. Jude has been a Folk singer and guitarist since her schooldays although she has also branched out into Heavy Rock and has written music and songs for children.
Andrew Rix. Andrew Rix - bass guitar, double bass, mandolin and digeridoo. Andrew is a relative new-comer to Folk music having played bass for a Heavy Rock band for many years - although there is a rumour that he used to play in a Country & Western band long ago!