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 spark.gif (1825 bytes)  Navaskaranga, o Mundo Midi


Easy Living (Uriah Heep)

Ebony and ivory (Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney)

Ebudae (Enya)

Edward Scissorhands (Movie Theme)

Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)

Emotion (Samantha Sang)

Endlees love (Lionel Richie)

Engel (Rammstein)

Eraser (Nine Inch Nails)

Era um garoto que como eu (The Jordans)

Eve (Dream Theater)

Everybody (DJ Bobo)

Erotica (Madonna)

Even flow (Pearl Jam)

Even the nights are better (Air Supply)

Everlasting Love (Worlds Apart)

Everybody hurts (REM)

Everybody's gotta learn sometime (The Korgis)

Every breath you take (The Police)

Everythings counts (Depeche Mode)

Everything I do (Brian Adams)

Every time you go away (Paul Young)

Excuses (Alice in Chains)

╩xtase (Guilherme Arantes)

Eyes without a face (Billy Idol)