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My Fihhhhhhnal gggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyFantasy VIII Page

If you're familiar with Square's Final Fantasy series of epic RPGs, then this is the place for you. After this you can go to the link below to find more cool FF stuff. For now, let's talk about FFVIII...

The Latest Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VIII is the latest RPG to come from Square's Final Fantasy series, in Japan. It has just been translated to English, and soon the U.S. version will come out, around September 7th to the 9th, about 4 CDs long.

Square would probably release this around September. The Japanese version is already out. The storyline revolves around a love theme. Way cool, ne?! The main love interest is between Squall Leonhart, and Riona Heartily. Squall, a 17 year-old guy attends a military school known as "The Balamb Garden" (in the Republic of Balamb), which goes from elementary to high school. If a student passes a test later in school they can stay but if a student doesn't pass a test they are expelled from the school. One of the skills that students learn at the Garden is combat skills and magic, so only graduates of Garden are skilled enough to use it.

The highest achieving students of Garden can join an elite forces group known as "SeeD." Squall hopes to join the SeeD forces by passing the entrance test with his friends too. Squall is most likely the "stiff" of the group standing in the game's logo. He possesses the same social skills as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII (FF7), so he's difficult to understand. Will Squall open up emotionally in a game with "love" as one of the major themes? Hmm... we hope so! Did I mention that he's also super-cute!?! ^_^

I've just received FFVIII as a surprise X-mas gift in 99. The opening is beautiful, but more like a movie trailer than the beginning FMV of the story. But all the beautiful FMV of FFVIII make it all the more interesting.

Now for some screenshots (as if you haven't seen this enough!)

Squall looks on. (Very cool, ne!)

Riona notices Squall and gives him a smile.

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