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The Medicine Wheel - South


(note: This is from a column that I write for

Thank you for joining me on my journey of enlightenment - the Fool's Journey through life.

In my last column, I introduced the concept of the Medicine Wheel. In this column we will begin looking at what each of the directions has to offer us in balancing our lives.

First of all - let us take a look at the term Medicine Wheel. For our purposes, Medicine means power - a vital energy force that can be drawn from and directed, and wholeness. The Medicine Wheel is the circle of knowledge that puts our lives back into balance - that gives us the power of choice and direction.

The Medicine Wheel is a universal source of power - available to anyone who wishes to study it and implement it into their lives. It is to be approached with humbleness, a great sense of purpose - and a willingness to "do the work" necessary to take the knowledge to the core of your self.

Let us begin our adventure!

The direction of the South is the Path of the Inner Child - to access that part of ourselves that uses the faith, trust and innocence that we had as children to make our way through life. From the South we are able to see things with greater clarity and to begin to understand our own individual natures.

The South is where our journey through life begins - with the knowing of Self.

The quality embraced by the South is trust and innocence. It is enjoying the experience of discovery, finding joy in new knowledge and letting go of fears and false values.

The totem of the South is the Coyote (and sometimes the Mouse). Coyote is the trickster - he shatters illusions and laughs at himself. His lessons may sometimes be harsh, but they do bring us knowledge of ourselves. This teaches us to examine our own feelings and emotions - and to be guided by them.

The element of the South is water. This refers not so much to the physical quality of water, or even its ability to cleanse, but to the essence of water - that it flows through life. Here we are asked to allow our emotions to flow freely.

The color of the South is red - the color of life force (blood), health and vitality.

The Kingdom associated with the South is the Plant Kingdom. To align yourself with the healing properties of the South - walk amongst this kingdom. Touch the plants, touch the trees - share your energy with them, and they will share their energy and knowledge with you.

The time period of the South is the past.Emotions that we are holding on to, that are blocking us, are from the past. This is where we need to heal.

Through the South we become as children - we understand, and we heal.

Please join me next week for a continuation of the discussion of the Medicine Wheel.

May your day be Blessed.

(c) Bonnie Cehovet 2000

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