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Tapeable List

Version 0.2, 14 December 1999

    I have just shifted operations a significant distance to the west-southwest, so please note all the new stations, ha.  This new list is still in the very earliest stages of development, but I want to get something on my web page to replace the Chicagoland list.  Unlike that previous list, I will be including here ONLY stations I can record at home.  There are other stations I can tape as I get around to other parts of southern California...see my full regional list!

    Now, I am close enough to Los Angeles to get most of their majors, but not always with the best signal.  With this in mind, I will be adding on a signal code.  For the AMs, there will (when finished) be two codes, for daytime and for nighttime.  FMs with "C" grade come out better in monophonic, and those with "D" can ONLY be recorded in mono.  Those FMs I notice are also subject to the whims of area propagation conditions...smoggy, still days are heck on the eyes and lungs, but radio signals seem to love them!  Clear windy days mean noise, and apparently also less chance of bounces from heat inversions.  Anyways, eventually I will finish this portion, and also add TV.

    In the notes, "@" means the station has one or more programs I will be highlighting on a separate "Suggested Programs" page, and "$" means it's an AM I can record in stereo.

    Wanna trade?  I am looking for current airchecks from many metro areas...including, but hardly limited to, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas, Montréal, Vancouver and Minneapolis-Saint Paul.  I could also accept certain specific collection tapes...see my Wanteds list!  Certainly please do so before contacting me about trades.  Thank You!

Other Notes
540 KNOB classical (= Tijuana/540) C/
570 KLAC standards (40s-80s non-rock pop), sports B/ @
590 KSZZ Spanish- A/
600 KOGO talk D/ San Diego
610 KAVL sports-yap C/
620 WCSK505 Caltrans highway info for I-15, Corona area D
640 KFI talk A @  $
670 K--- religious,  D/
690 XETRA sports-yap, play-by-play A Tijuana
710 KDIS kids, hits and/or Disney infomercials (R. Disney) B
740 KBRT religious, infomercials C/x $
760 KFMB talk C/B San Diego
790 KABC talk C/C $ @
830 KPLS talk, religion (Catholic Family Radio) B/C
860 XEMO Spanish- D/ Tijuana
870 KIEV talk, religion, infomercials (most or all are paid-time shows) C/ @
900 KMOR Asian C/
930 KKHJ Spanish- C/
950 XE-- Spanish- C/ Tijuana BCN
980 KFWB news B/
1020 KTNQ Spanish- C/
1070 KNX news B/ $
1090 XEPRS Spanish- D/ Rosarito BCN
1110 KRLA talk B/ @
1150 KXTA sports-yap, play-by-play C/
1170 KCBQ talk D/ San Diego
1190 KORG Asian, C/
1230 KYPA ethnic (Korean), other?  D-/x (ex-KGFJ)
1240 KLFE religion B/ (or new call??)
1290 KKDD kids, hits (Radio Disney) B/
1330 KWKW Mexican- D/
1350 KCKC sports-yap (= 1150), play-by-play A/
1370 KWRM Asian, D/
1390 KGER religion (= 1240?) D/
1410 KCAL Spanish- C/ $
1440 KDIF Spanish- A/ $
1460 KTYM ethnic D-/
1480 KWIZ ethnic C/ (or other call?)
1510 KMSL country hits B/ (or new call??)
1530 KHPY talk, C/
1540 KCTD sports-yap (1-on-1 Sports) D (or other call?)
1570 KPRO gospel A
1600 KMNY standards, AC, financial news, Korean, B
1650 KGXL standards-soft AC (= KGIL Beverly Hills CA) C
88.1 KLON jazz, blues, lounge D @
88.3 KUCR rock, classical, religion, more A @
88.7 KSPC big band, public affairs, more D @
89.1 KUOR rock, smoothjazz, more C
89.3 KPCC NPR, big band, blues, BBC news, more B @
89.7 KSGN religion  (satellite??) A
89.9 KCRW NPR, public affairs, drama, various music, more C @
90.1 KLRD religion D
90.7 KPFK Pacifica, public affairs, folk and other music, more B @
91.5 KUSC classical, NPR B @
91.9 KVCR NPR, classical,  A @
92.3 KKBT urban-hit-AC B
92.7 KELT AC (= 92.7 in Avalon, Thousand Oaks) A
93.1 KCBS-FM 60s-70s hits A
93.5 KRZE Asian, B
93.9 KZLA country hits A
94.7 KTWV smoothjazz B
95.1 KFRG country A
95.5 KLOS classic rock B @
95.9 KEZY rock C
96.3 KFSG religion C
96.7 KCAL-FM classic rock A
97.1 KLSX talk B
97.5 KVAR Spanish-hits A
97.9 KLAX Mexican- B
98.3 KRTO urban-AC, oldies {Spanish-?? soon) C
98.7 KYSR modern hits B
99.1 KGGI hits; urban-oldies block afternoons A @
99.9 KOLA oldies A++ @
100.3 KCMG urban-oldies B
100.7 KHAY country D Ventura
101.1 KRTH oldies B
101.7 KXSB Spanish-AC D
101.9 KSCA Spanish-soft AC B
102.3 KJLH urban-soft AC C
102.7 KIIS hits, Rick Dees B
103.1 KACD eclectic rock C-
103.3 KRUZ AC-hits; "80s at 8" D Santa Barbara
103.5 KOST soft-to-medium AC B
103.9 KCXX rock C-
104.3 KBIG up AC; "Friday Night Disco" B
104.7 KCAQ urban-hits C Oxnard
105.1 KKGO classical B
105.5 KBUE Spanish-AC C
105.9 KPWR urban-hits B
106.3 KALI-FM Asian, C
106.7 KROQ rock B
107.1 KLYY "Modern Rock"  {Spanish-?? soon} B
107.5 KLVE Spanish-soft AC B
107.9 KWVE religion D
    Wanna trade?  Have news?  Contact me here!