Karah's Favorite Links

I know there's not that many but I mostly read fan fictions.  However, some of my favorite musical artists and some "eye candy" can be found here.

"Regular" Links

Dilbert Zone
Star Trek
Jeff Foxworthy
Shemar Moore
Nick Lea
Robert Beltran


Crook and Chase Country Countdown
Billboard Charts
Diamond Rio
Andy Griggs
Faith Hill
Toby Keith
Reba McEntire
Collin Raye
REO Speedwagon
Sonic Flood
Rick Springfield
Bruce Springsteen
Brian White
Mark Wills

Fanfiction Links


Fan Fiction on the Net

Sorry.  More to come.....


The Red and and the Black--X Files (M/K, M/S, M/S/K) and Once A Thief Fictions (Vic/Mac)
Chakotay/Paris Support Group
Just A Guy-- Great Cross-Over Series by ZorroRojo (Star Trek Voyager C/P and Highlander D/M)
Star Trek Slash Archive
Chakotay/Kim/Other Ring
Chakotay/Kim Links Page

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