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Being in your Power

Being in the realm of all our personal power is appropriate for this epoch. We have the option of cowering behind others or we can take responsibility for all things that come or way. We draw everything to us. We can no longer blame God, our parents or our partners for our situation.

The famous social Psychologist Erich Fromm stated in his book, Escape from Freedom, that our tendency is to want to be followers rather than leaders. We can be attracted even to Hitlers Fascist beliefs only because we are afraid of taking responsibility for ourselves. We would rather be told what to do That way we cant blame others including God for our predicament.

In my personal journey I have discovered that it is essential to clear the old conditioned emotions of guilt, blame and shame that we all carry on our physical bodies. Getting out of denial of our emotions and willing that these emotions begin to surface is paramount in this process of growth in knowing our higher self.

Throughout the last two millennium we have been taught to believe in self-hatred and self-condemnation. This has been a powerful tool by higher authorities to keep us under control. Guilt, Blame and Shame are ingrained on our psyche, obstructing the full realization of our higher Self.

Our path to seeking a vision is deeply embedded in our ability to hold still. The great pearl will not be found outside of ourselves. We can voyage through great distances, crossing many lands and oceans in search of the Holy Grail. Yet only when we learn to sit and wait, getting into the deep within ourselves can we begin to discover all the universal treasures.

Carlos R Provencio

He has done personal growth work with Native American holy men/women and master teachers from India and Tibet. He has participated in Sun Dance Ceremonies and Vision Quests. He is a certified Reiki Master. His energy work includes rebirthing, emotional releasing, DNA activation, karmic cleansing (Hooponopono)and healing of Mother Earth.

As a community organizer and political activist, Mr. Provencio has coordinated the grape boycott for the United Farm Workers under Cesar Chavez in Stockton, California. He has also coordinated several voter registration drives that targets Latinos, Asian Americans, and African Americans through Project VOTE and the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project. He has done grant making for the Campaign of Human Development, United States Catholic Conference of Bishops in Washington DC.

Web site is http://www.gilanet.com/cprovencio---------map compliments of theodora:www.theodorara.com/maps