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The Ambush of Sheriff Brady

Sheriff William Brady

This is the approximate view the Regulators had from behind the adobe wall which used to stand here alongside and in back of the Tunstall Store (Building to the right) on the morning of April 1, 1878, when they ambushed Sheriff Brady and his deputies George Hindman, Billy Matthews, John Long, and George Peppin. After the ambush both Brady and Hindman were dead. Out of all of the Regulators who took part in this ambush which included Frank MacNab, Jim French, Fred Waite, (possibly) Rob Widenman, John Middleton, Henry Brown, and Billy the Kid, only Billy alone was ever convicted and sentenced to hang.

This is the location of sheriff Brady and deputy Hindman's graves just a few miles East of Lincoln. Brady's grave is the one on the right. (Photo courtesy of Lori Goodloe)

This is sheriff William Brady's grave. The ambush of Brady cost Billy his freedom and ultimately his life. (Photo courtesy of Lori Goodloe