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FTAA-Related Links
NEAMA Home Page
Another Medic Group
Black Cross Collective
A Street Medic Group
CLAC Home Page
Anti-Capitalist Group Mobilising for Quebec
Opération Québec Printemps
A Group Mobilising for Quebec
Smash the FTAA
A Planned Caravan from Ontario to Quebec City
Stop the FTAA
An activist site with loads of information
A Toronto-based mobilisation
Council of Candians
A Huge Group, also Mobilising for Quebec
Legal Defense Collective
Legal Representation Group
Official FTAA site
(The Other Guys)
Public Citizen
General Information of the FTAA
A Great Search Engine, Among Other Things
Global Exchange
A Lot of Good Info Here
Other Related Links

The Anarchy Organisation
Part of the TAO collective
Independant Media Center
THE Independant Media Site
A French indymedia site
A French Media Site exposing sexist stereotypes

A Media-Critical Feminist Group
Les 100 Voix
A bilingual Alternative Media site
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
An Animal Rights Group
Pro-Feminist Men's Groups
A listing of pro-feminist groups

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