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Montreal Street Medics
Providing care to protesters for global solidarity

Welcome!nIMontreal Street Medics will be part of grouping of medics for the anti-FTAA Summit Protests. We will have teams spread through out the protests, and run a free clinic established away from the protests, for general treatment. See below for more information on who we are, and our mandate.

4 Levels of First Aid The following is a brief introductory guide to point you in the proper direction to find the information for which you seek.
1- Protesters:
Protesters need to learn basic prevention, safety and treatment. See the information on our Information page.
2- Medical Monitors:
Each affinity group (AG) is asked to designate someone as their Medical Monitor to be trained more extensively than the rest of the group. This person will make sure the group has basic first aid supplies, will know basic first aid, how to access the medical system, and documents the medical history of the group.
3- Street Medics:
Trained & organized to provide most first aid needed at a protest to anyone requesting aid and we can treat.
4- Emergency Medical System:
Hospitals, ambulances and 911 from the province. Provide care for more complicated injuries or illnesses. Ambulances may not approach a protest zone, however, hence the need for street medics.

What's A Street Medic?nILarge protests are usually accompanied by large batallions of police, who in the worst cases, injure protesters who are involved in their democratic right to freedom of speech and assembly. Other factors that contribute to the danger of a protest include the huge number of people involved, and widespread panic resulting from the police tactics of violence, intimadation and repression. Street Medics are there to respond to the needs of the victims of these tragedies. In the face of a lack of adequate emergency services street medics do their best to provide a substitute for services such as emergency transport, first aid and support.

Our MandatenIAs Quebec medics we are reacting to the systemic and predictable violence that is the state response to our political expression; compensating for the lack of available and appropriate treatment of the physical and psychological harm done to us by the state. We will treat anyone in need within our abilities and will not discriminate based on the individual's tactical choices.

Our GoalsnI The goal of the Quebec Medical Team is to assist with the efforts to protest the FTAA summit. The Medical Team will help you, the warriors for global justice, stay as active, healthy and engaged in the struggle as possible. We will provide free treatment to the best of our ability to anyone who is in need during the summit, as well as public trainings for Medical Monitors and general protesters, because the first step in first aid is prevention.

News and Announcements

March 30 Today the self-incurred deadline was placed on completing the web site. Only time will tell...

March 30 Fundraiser at Reggies yesterday was a success, at least with respect to entertainment.

March 31 English version of the MSM web page is completed, and posted for feedback from the group.

April 4French site is completed. We're at 100%!!

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