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Quotes and Lyrics

Yohji's hand...

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"Contrary to historical belief, drugs and invocations do not mix. When the shit comes down, it is vitally necessary to be able to discern between the gibbering monstrosity to throw the holy water at, and the gibbering monstrosity that will fade away after a few hours, some B-Complex, and a good, hot bath."
-"How to be a Cultist"

"R is for rosh-rosh-rocket!"
"If those hadn't been the first words I understood"
"T is for Prepare for trouble"
"and D is for, make it double!"
"I might not have joined the illustrious Team Rocket!"
-Meowth "Pokemon"

"That's not fair!" "You don't have a butt to grab!"
-Lina Inverse and Amelia "Slayers Next"

"Get away! You freak! You cockroach! you MONSTER!" ::zooms off with her tail showing::
-Filia (about Xellos!) Slayers TRY

Those who control the evil stars shall be led by the Light,
and will hide the world in Darkness.
Dragon blood shall cover the world,
leading the power of Light and Dark,
revealing the stars.
The power of those stars shall be darker than twilight
and brighter than the sunrise.
When at its peak,
it will become a streaking arrow
that will pierce the heavens.
-Filia's prophecy from "Slayers Try"

I am the Mother of all Darkness.
I am Darkness beyond blackest pitch,
deeper than the deepest night.
I am the sea of chaos, the source of all chaos.
That is how you describe me.
I am......the Lord of Nightmares.
-The Lord of Nightmares "Slayers Next"

"Stop gawking vulture boy, you think you could do better?"
-Bulma "Dragonball Z"

"But... I've never *been* a boy before!"
-hehe... my friend's fanfic ^_^ told you I liked the line!

Here are some sound files of great quotes, feel free to download them! They aren't all pokémon, just most of them!

From "Slayers~The Motion Picture"- Nahga's Intro (Nahga, Lina) The ever classic Nahga intro "She's Nahga and she's a pain in the butt"
From "The Slayers"- Prince Phil in action "Pacifist Crrrrush!" (Prince Phil and Lina) In the eternal words of Zelgadiss... "Those oxymoronic attacks!"
From "Tokyo Babylon"- Subaru saying "Suimasen" ^_^ It's an inside joke...
From "Escaflowne"- Dilandau doing what he does best... MOOEERRROOOOOOOO!!!!!
From "Ranma 1/2" He's fainted.... Asuza exercising her Jigglypuff-ness ^_^
From "Slayers" Poof! You'd never picture Zel saying something like this...
From "Ranma 1/2" Kuno's classic scene! The puppet show!
From "Ranma 1/2" Ryouga's so cool ^_^ "There's one thing I have to do first..."
From "Gundam Wing" Even if you can't recognize the voice, you know it's Wu-chan... He says "Nataku" it's obvious! Oh, one of my Japanese WAVs!
From "Slayers" One of many flat jokes... "If you keep eating like that, you'll bust everywhere but... your bust!"
From "Slayers" Only Lina would take offense... "You can *afford* to miss a meal..."
From "Gundam Wing" Heero's catch phrase! Only Heero could make a catch phrase out of a death threat!
From "Gundam Wing" Heero's huge vocabulary ~.^ The "Mission, Accepted" bit, but in Japanese!
From "Slayers" Lina's respect for Nahga... "Just because Nahga dresses like a floozy..."
From "Ranma 1/2" Mousse is cool too! "How dare that lout toy with Shampoo's feelings like that!"
From "Slayers" Lina.... "Yakamashiiiii!!!!!!" In short... she's yelling "Shut up"
From "Gundam Wing" Wu-chan again! He's yelling about justice...
From "Slayers" Lina telling him off! Mummy man!
From "Slayers" Valgaav has a sexy voice! He's saying "Wait for me, Lina Inverse"


Handsome guy detector (Brock, Officer Jenny, Misty) Brock flatters himself...
Brock just can't talk around a pretty girl...(Brock, Susie, Pikachu,Ash) "I wanna breed like you, I mean... I wanna be a breeder like you!" this is great!
Ash has energy! (Erika, Ash, Brock, Misty) All credit for the info goes to ::drum roll:: Yea!!!!!
"The Motto" (Jesse, James, Meowth) Different voices in this one, but the words are still the same!
Not exactly a Seel... (Misty) Misty making noises like a Seel!
Jigglypuff's Song! I love Jigglypuff!


"I have no sense of decency, that way my other senses are enhanced" I don't know what this is from... But it's my main excuse for things! My "source" (See the perfume WAV above) thinks it might be from "Wing Commander", said by Mark Hamill, that sounds about right...
Cornholio! "Beavis & Butthead" of course! I took a bunch of WAVs and pasted them together.
The effect is pretty good and 1-of-a-kind, this is the only WAV that I ask you get permission from me before you put it on your own webpage, you can still download it for your own entertainment though!
"They're coming to take me away..." Song My friends have declared this my theme song... I'm still waiting for the guys in white coats...
George's answering machine (Sienfeld) "Believe it or not, George, isn't at home..." this is great! We used to have this one speaker phone; when ever it rings I can't help but start singing this! The rings are identical!

These are from the "Belgariad" and "Mallorean" Books by David Eddings!
Go find them, and read them! They're the best ^_^

"The world's on the verge of breaking out in a bad case of peace"

"I want the truth, Kheldar," Belgarath snarled
"What is truth old friend?" Silk said, spreading his arms expansively, "Does any man truly know what truth is?"
"This isn't a philosophical question, Silk. Did you slaughter those people?"
"Slaughter isn't the tern I'd use, I pride myself on precision"
-Silk and Belgarath

Sadi sighed, "I'm very disappointed in you Kheldar. You're a spy, assassin, and a thief. You cheat at dice, you counterfeit money, and your unscrupulous with married women. You swindle your customers outrageously and soak up ale like a sponge. You're the most corrupt man I've ever known yet you refuse to transport a few harmless little compounds that would make your customers very happy" "A man has to draw the line somewhere," Silk replied loftily.
-Take a wild guess where this is from!

"All you and Garion have to do is wear armour and ride in front looking dangerous"
-Another Silk quote!

"Do I look like the sort of fellow who would be consorting with demons?"
-Silk again!

Silk grinned, then turned and trotted his horse toward the oncoming cart, swaying in his saddle and singing loudly and very much off key
- from the Eddings books again... He was acting drunk if your wondering weather he was drunk, he's not, just acting!

"Usually when I want a boat, I steal one! Using one of my own seems immoral somehow!"
-Silk... again...

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