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Fushigi Yuugi

The cast in chibi... I'm soo sorry for how ugly this page was in the past! Aiyah! What *was* I thinking? The background was some awful dirty-white, it contained only a picture of Tamahome... I was crazy! Okies! This is a really cool series, yo! It's about this girl, Miaka who is at the library with her friend, Yui when they get sucked into an ancient Chinese book and end up priestesses for rival gods. As both try and find the 7 warriors for their gods and summon that god, Yui is revealed to be the bitch she is and Miaka finds true love, awww! I suppose I should introduce characters now!

Happy school girl and priestess of Suzaku!

The first warrior Miaka meets, and her true love. Awww! He's moey grubbing and a super-good martial artist. (Voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru)

The really beautiful emporor of Konan, and Miaka's 2nd warrior. He has a holy sword but I think his only super-power is he's super-vain... ((cheesy, I know)) ZHe's voiced by one of the great Seiyuu! Koyasu Takehito!

Cross-dressing warrior with super strength! It's that great senshi of Suzaku... Nuriko! Yea!

The "No da" guy! He's a monk with a really cute mask... and fun hair. Oh! And he pops out of his hat. Kakkoi! When Miaka goes out to try and find the Chichiriother senshi he usues magic to take Hotohori's place! It's cool!

My favorite! Yea! ^_^ He's the potty-mouthed pyro bandit! He has cool hair too! He actually kidnaps Miaka at first...

Yea... he heals people. Whatever. ((WHYYY didn't you save Nuriko?!? <--partially my problem with the man))

Very kawaii senshi... I really cried when he died, it was very touching. He was really smart....

The bitchy priestess of Seriyuu. She was manipulated, ruined the lives of just about everybody under Nakago's influence, and generally bugged. But her miko outfit really rocks, yo!

Really the root of all the problems *in* this show. He's the hunky blond with a highly sadistic demeanor who controls Yui throughout the show

The coolest of the twins ~.^ He's bad tempered, and has the cool bola things... his outfits better too. He spends most of the series following his "Yui-sama" around like a lost puppy. But she's a bitch to him... didn't see that one coming, ne?

Suboshi's loser brother... the guy with the flute ((Did that thing bug anybody else?))

She had lighting. That was cool. This is the women who would *ahem* with Nakago to raise his Ki energy... but she really did love him... it was just that he was a bastard!

He was this freaky dog-man monster that killed... ::A piece of tape appears over Ara's mouth:: muffle... muffle... He kills somebody. It sucked. Nakago beats him ((As in with a whip... Not in a fight)).

The squaty senshi of Seriyuu ~.^ He was an ancient being that possessed the bodies of children to live forever... ewwww

The clam guy! He had a clam world. That was weird ~.~ He's the guy with all the makeup and the feathers! He's veerryyy 'shonen with out all that though...

Thanks! I'll have more later, I promise!


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