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"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup"
Save the Dragons Campaign

As the dictionary (Webster’s Collegiate) says:
1, archaic: a huge serpent
2, a mythical animal usually represented as a monstrous winged and scaly serpent or saurian with a crested head and enormous claws
From Pern to Xanth, dragons have always been one of the most popular fantasy creatures.
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Ohhh, such coolness! Sorry I had to edit, the whole image was HUGE!Dragons have many different forms, not the classic “Big scaly thing that likes to eat and breath fire” there are ones that breath ice, heroic ones, even small ones! There are many more. This page will be updated often (like the rest of the page!) So, have fun, and go to my links page to visit the dragon page on the bottom of the list! There you can sign up for the webring and find links to other dragon related sites.

So, you thought I'd never work on this page again, huh? Well I have proved you wrong! Now, remember: Year 2000 is year of the dragon! Yea! Other random Dragon facts:

In Ranma 1/2, Herb is part dragon!
Also, Ranma's hair is tied with a Dragon's whisker (Long story, I'll have to tell it someday) Well, how about now!!
One day, Ranma ate a Dragon's whisker. The whisker makes one's hair start to grow, and grow, and grow. The only way to stop it is to tie it off with another whisker! So to make a long story short: Ranma got another whisker, tied off his hair, sliced off the excess (resulting in that cute pigtail!) But one day, (a.k.a the episode where we flash back into that story) Bandits (Pork buns!) come and try to steal the whisker, so Ranma's hair gets back to growing (Only when he's a boy though)! Of course, every bald character joins in to try and get the whisker, before Ranma FINALLY gets it back.

Of course, Seriyuu is an important Dragon in anime, he's the god that Yui and Nakago serve, and Miaka must stop ^_^ he was cool!

The first dragon we meet in Escaflowne is, of course, the one Van kills for the energist crystal and to become the King of Fanalia. But then, Van him self is part dragon... yea! And the Escaflowne has a dragon form!

In "Slayers" dragons range from lunch, to allies all the way down to villians. Milgasia was the golden dragon who aided Lina in "Next" and Filia was another golden dragon who just about stole the spotlight in "Try". Also in "Try" is the ancient dragon villian Valgaav. And we all remember the "Dragon Cuisine" episode in "Next" I'm sure...
Besides... isn't Lina's favorite spell "DRAGON slave"?

Video games! There are always dragons in video games ^_^ Ryu in "Breath of Fire III" even *is* a dragon! Go fig...

Rurouni Kenshin... well, there are no REAL dragons, but every one of Kenshin's attacks are "Ryuu ____ sen" meaning, dragon -whatever- flash!

CLAMP stuff.... "X" has the Ten no Ryuu and Chi no Ryuu, Dragons of heaven and Dragons of earth! Watch the movie, when Sei-chan and Subaru-kun fight, they turn into huge dragons!

Gundam (Yes, the mecha show ^_^) has the Dragon gundam in "Gundam X" and Wufei's in Wing has the "Dragon Arm"! Yea!

Pokemon... Dragon-type pokemon.. yea. anyways...

I'll have new dragon pictures coming soon!

Random Dragons
Ring Red dragon BG

Dragons from "Breath of Fire"
So cool looking! ^_^ Cute!

Dragon from FFIV
The mist dragon
Dragon from Fushigi Yuugi


DragonballZ Pics! Well... the dragon...
The eternal dragon!

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